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  1. corvette

    XR 250 Blowing out oil!!!

    Thanks, I just changed oil and filter and put in 1.5 quarts??? Any other reasons? Could there be something plugged to cause the crankcase pressure? Also do both vent tubes just dead end or are they supposed to plug in to something? They are apparently not plugged as they both spit out this oil??? Thanks a million.
  2. corvette

    XR 250 Blowing out oil!!!

    Hi, I have a 2002 xr 250. I have had several problems with this bike. I thought I had everything right? Now I have a problem with oil blowing out the breather tube from the crankcase, the one that tees, one line goes up towards the air filter and the other drops out behind the foot peg. What would make the oil push out through this vent tube? Crankcase pressure? But Why? Something plugged? Please help, Thanks Guy.
  3. corvette

    XR 250 No spark?

    I just got my '02 XR250 back from the shop from a good service? Rode it about 10 minutes, now it won't start. Tries to start so I checked plug, I don't see no visible spark. Where did I lose the spark?
  4. corvette

    Hard starting 2002 XR 250

    How do I remedy the hard starting problem. Actually its when its cold that it is hard starting. I have heard of rejetting the carb, adjusting the carb, adjusting the valves. This is a stock XR. What do I need to do?