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  1. 58yz120

    Zipty Racing Ty Davis exhaust

    call zip-ty him self, he will tell you the ins and outs of his pipe. "ty DOES NOT get paid to run this 2stroke pipe." the pipe is very similar to the old noleen pipe that tim ferry and larry ward ran back in 97-99` let me know if i can help. thanx
  2. 58yz120

    Zipty Racing Ty Davis exhaust

    NO LONGER! the 4stroke craze has put a big burden in 2stroke pipe sales. he know primarily builds for BIG GUN and a few others, i think his yz250 pipe is by far the best pipe. the zip-ty pipe (the coated version is very thin ) which then you should run a guard. they also have a stainless pipe which is very strong(i use the stainless model) in moto and desert racing.
  3. 58yz120

    Zipty Racing Ty Davis exhaust

    i have one on mine,works awesome! leaner jetting w/race gas. very responsive-gains all over-goes a little flat on top. let me know if interested in one, my buddy is the builder for this pipe&silencer. maybe i can help you out.
  4. 58yz120

    yz250 2006 exhaust

    looks and sounds awesome. check ty`s web site to se photos. www.ziptyracing.com it is also made from a mild stainless steel so clean up is much easyer than say a pc or fmf unplated. he also has a ti coated finnish pipe great woods or mx pipe.
  5. 58yz120

    River MX park

    we have a 4 race mini series in the works as we speak. looks like march-may. check the web site for current dates. thanx www.rivermx.com
  6. 58yz120

    calling all AZ mx'ers 40+ vetB

    where are you moving from? what club did you race with? i currently race w/ the ROTMX club in so cal. in master b. i live in lake havasu,az. and sometimes travel to the phoenix area to practice mabye we can hook up sometime. by the way the AOTMX club is having a 2 day international race on march 5-6. check out the site AOTMX.COM. BE SAFE ON YOUR MOVE
  7. 58yz120

    yz250 exhaust comparison

    zip-ty racing-by flow exhaust awesome all around system
  8. 58yz120

    yz250 2006 exhaust

    i really like my zip-ty racing p&s. needs a pipe guard though(thin gauge)
  9. 58yz120

    YZ250 gearing

    i run a 51 on my 05, but i`m 225# works great on most moto tracks. will pull 3rd through most corners w/little or no clutch. iv`e raced at speedworld w/ this gearing and stock bike. i now run a zip-ty p&s and it works even better. i feel being a gear higher at most times makes the bike work!! and there is less shifting. where abouts are you in AZ.? i`m in lhc,az.
  10. 58yz120

    zipty racing

    the zipty pipe is awesome,it`s a little thin (recommend a pipe guard) it`s made by flow exhaust.com formerly a noleen racing pipe. ive run them on 02-05 yz250 i like it better than the fmf fatty