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  1. Johncf


    Service is great too!!! I ordered some parts Friday night and they were delivered today. Can't beat that!
  2. Johncf

    Best place to order parts?

    Another vote for Tasky's
  3. Johncf

    Husky Dealers

    One BIG vote for Tasky's.
  4. Johncf

    TE Kickstand

    If the 2007 uses the same bolt as the 2006 (mine's a TE250) Husky has another bolt that is a direct replacement that solves the issue, I got mine from Tasky's when I picked my bike new.
  5. Johncf

    2006 TE-250 owners. Motor concerns.

    Mine is 0056, got it in Feb.
  6. Johncf

    Gotta Love this Bike! Back from the 4th.

    Sounds like a great ride, tell me about the tall/soft seat. The stock seat on my TE 250 is a bit hard on my 49 year old a**. I have the JD kit in mine and have had no issues with overheating from sea level to over 5K, runs great too.
  7. Johncf

    2006 TE250 Oil

    What is the oil of choice? It is time for my first oil change and thought I would seek input from ling time Husky 4 stroke owners.