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  1. There is another guy in CA that does it also . Charlies Grinding
  2. Post up a pic of the cap.
  3. The 14 150 sx came with the WP closed chamber fork (WP 4860 MXMA CC fork).
  4. Good stuff all the way around .
  5. Did you try the adjuster screw on the bottom clevis of the shock? (this is the rebound adjuster) if it is turned in clockwise it is slow rebound, if you turn it out it is fast rebound. If this does not speed it up or slow it down, you probably have a bearing going bad on the linkage or the swing arm. The adjuster on the top of the shock is the compression adjuster.
  6. I believe only the 98 and 99 cr125 will interchange directly. Probably the showa shock off of the cr 250 would interchange with it from 97 thru 99.
  7. Everything seems awesome at first....then the bugs come out. Time will tell.
  8. The top of the seal head has a rubber top out bumper, the end of the seal head is crimped over it to hold it in place. You can pry the rubber top out bumper out of it. The you will need to expand the crimped area out to remove the large washer that is under it to access the seal head. You can expand out the crimped are by flaming a large socket in your vice, the put the seal head over the socket, crimped area down, then use a plastic mallet and tap on the seal head out side to spread it out to allow the large washer to be removed. exchange all parts needed. then reassemble and tap the area back over the rubber top out ring to hld it back in place. Or you could just buy a complete seal head. I would recommend a SKF seal head , it they make one.
  9. Looks good to me . Keep up the hard work.
  10. It can be fixed . Just do some work with a thread file and a triangle shaped file. I have seen a lot of Yamaha's do this.
  11. Use a 1/8" ball burr bit in a hand held grinder, its tricks but doable and really helps.
  12. The lugs will come off , with some heat . There is a set screw in the side of each axle lug. Remove it , then I grind the threads down that the set screw damaged. You have to heat them up real good to remove them. But , I have to ask, If you are not getting full travel , why not do the easy thing and lower the fork oil height? Or maybe you have already tried this.
  13. Man , I really thought that was an x ray of my left leg. I broke it years ago , April 1989. They did the same deal on my leg. Took out a small piece of the big shin bone then overlapped the smaller one. They put the rod in mine also . I was only 18 at the time. i had the rod took out right about a year later. It has been worry free and healed up fine. What they did not tell me was --- my pelvis shifted. It took till I was 40 for it to start acting up . I wish would have known way earlier. Now my back has an S-curve section it it because my pelvis shifted ... Some minor back problems ....
  14. Sad thing John Curea lost his shop last year to a fire . Dyno went up also . I understand he is still doing suspension work and trying to make a rebound.