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  1. Spicolby

    Dry as a bone! Cow report!!

    I know that hole!! Learned alot about sneaky puddle looking holes! took me a while to get the bike re started. Fun place even when it is hot! Nice Pics!!
  2. Spicolby

    Oceano , Pismo dunes

    I have not riden there in years but it was fun. About 1.5 hours to the north is a area called POZO. Good off road fun! Pozo is just north of SLO and I think that it is National Forrest land. Pismo is fun! watch out going West to East and Look out for the Squids in rails and trucks. Have Fun!!!!!
  3. Spicolby

    I tried the trials tire and...

    How is the tire holding up, How many hours do you tink it will last??
  4. Spicolby

    new drz- trouble riding

    I am getting back into the sport much like you are, 15 yrs away from the dirt and now it all I can think about. This rain we are having up here is killing me! 26 of the last 30days! The best thing I have done in a long while was go to MOTOVENTURES 1 day training, My confidence on the bike sky rocketed. It was the best $175.00 I ever spent. Bike and gear included. ( 2 years ago) Check out motoventures.com. welcome back!
  5. Spicolby

    Quiet Exhaust

    Thanks for the advise, The I have the e-series and it is just too close to the edge of the noise limit. When I add plates it responds well but gets too loud.
  6. Spicolby

    where is Noah and the ark?

    Yeah this is getting old! I have been wrenching on my poor bike for weeks! Finally live near CC camp and it is too wet to ride! I cant take it much longer, I ll be forced to ride through a mud puddle just so I can wash the bike again!
  7. Spicolby

    Rattle while driving

    I think it is pretty normal! If there is a tight spot in the chain it gets a funky pulsing feel. Ask a buddy to ride it and see what he says! Chain problems develop over time and sometimes you just kinda get used to it! Worth looking into!
  8. Spicolby

    Quiet Exhaust

    Q or not to Q that is the question? I have a White Brothers E series exhaust on my 01 DRZ 400E. The E muffler has all of the gizmos added to it to make it quiet enough for the 96db limit. Would a newer FMF Q2, WB E2 or other muffler perform better? Worth the $$??
  9. Spicolby

    Soon to be new owner - few questions

    I was down in SLO a couple of weeks ago and they had a new '04 WR450 for $3900.00 Good price but no Green sticker. San Luis Obispo - SLO Motorsports.