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  1. I know that hole!! Learned alot about sneaky puddle looking holes! took me a while to get the bike re started. Fun place even when it is hot! Nice Pics!!
  2. I have not riden there in years but it was fun. About 1.5 hours to the north is a area called POZO. Good off road fun! Pozo is just north of SLO and I think that it is National Forrest land. Pismo is fun! watch out going West to East and Look out for the Squids in rails and trucks. Have Fun!!!!!
  3. How is the tire holding up, How many hours do you tink it will last??
  4. I am getting back into the sport much like you are, 15 yrs away from the dirt and now it all I can think about. This rain we are having up here is killing me! 26 of the last 30days! The best thing I have done in a long while was go to MOTOVENTURES 1 day training, My confidence on the bike sky rocketed. It was the best $175.00 I ever spent. Bike and gear included. ( 2 years ago) Check out motoventures.com. welcome back!
  5. Thanks for the advise, The I have the e-series and it is just too close to the edge of the noise limit. When I add plates it responds well but gets too loud.
  6. Yeah this is getting old! I have been wrenching on my poor bike for weeks! Finally live near CC camp and it is too wet to ride! I cant take it much longer, I ll be forced to ride through a mud puddle just so I can wash the bike again!
  7. I think it is pretty normal! If there is a tight spot in the chain it gets a funky pulsing feel. Ask a buddy to ride it and see what he says! Chain problems develop over time and sometimes you just kinda get used to it! Worth looking into!
  8. Q or not to Q that is the question? I have a White Brothers E series exhaust on my 01 DRZ 400E. The E muffler has all of the gizmos added to it to make it quiet enough for the 96db limit. Would a newer FMF Q2, WB E2 or other muffler perform better? Worth the $$??
  9. I was down in SLO a couple of weeks ago and they had a new '04 WR450 for $3900.00 Good price but no Green sticker. San Luis Obispo - SLO Motorsports.