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  1. xr_200

    electric starter for xr200?

    Thanks for the info bro, I am going to check that out for sure!
  2. xr_200

    electric starter for xr200?

    Why didn't I think of that??? Problem solved!
  3. xr_200

    electric starter for xr200?

    Its a pain in the arse to kick start up-hill in the mud, or up-hill on dry dirt. Its also a pain in the arse on uneven ground. E-start is pretty cake.
  4. xr_200

    electric starter for xr200?

    Is there any company or anyway I can put an electric start on my '01 xr200?
  5. I have an '01 xr200 and was wondering what can I do to this thing to make it a little quicker? Is power roll the only way, or will intake/exhaust and rejetting do the trick? I would like to take the bike up to 67-70mph but with good acceleration, what do you think? I tried searching but didn't really find what i was looking for. What would be the best intake and best pipe for the bike? Also would a different exhaust header wake this thing up? Stock the '01 xr200's put down around 16ish hp to the rear wheel? Any other ideas? (buy a different bike? ) Also, I have heard the cr motors from honda put down great power compared to the crf and xr's, is a motor transplant possible??