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  1. billgear

    Idle hard to set

    I have a 125LE with a 150 BBR kit. I got the bike used. The idle is hard to set, it idles high, if I turn it down slightly is is ok for a second then slows till it dies. In other words It's either to fast or to slow. Any Idea's? Bill
  2. billgear

    Anybody running a trials tire?

    They work awesome, I have three bikes 250x with 280 kit, KTM 450 with 570 kit and a KTM 300 two stroke, all have Trials tires. For tight technical trails there is no better tire, and they last twice as long as a knobbie. Bill
  3. billgear

    Suggestions for a tall rider?

    I think you need to get the sag set at the recomended height and not raise it to make the bike higher. Like you mentioned, a higher seat, bars, and lower pegs will help a bunch (I have all those mods and feel cramped when I ride stock bikes). The Renthal mini-high's are nice tall off-road bars if you like a narrow bar. The tall seat is awesome also!! Bill
  4. billgear

    Another Bogging WR250

    I've got a 2006 WR250, it bogs bad when you snap the throttle in the lower 1/2 of the rpm range. It is stock, 170 miles on it, throttle stop is removed and the gray wire is eliminated. I did the O ring mod tonight and it seemed to help some, but bog is still there. Jetting is stock, ride in Nor Cal. I pulled the carb boot and the Squirt lasts about 1/2 a second, and doesn't look like a very hard stream of fuel (hard to tell though). I'm hoping to ride the bike in an Enduro this weekend so any help would be appreciated!! Thanks, Bill
  5. billgear

    Average KTM 4 Stroke rebuild hrs

    Head is from Dave Hopkins, Big bore kit from Travis. So bigger valves, Head is massaged for better flow around the new valves. Staying with the stock cam, I really don't rev it that much anyway. Bill
  6. billgear

    Average KTM 4 Stroke rebuild hrs

    My 2005 450MXC is apart now for an upgrade. I have about 300 hours on the bike, trail riding and Enduro's. The piston/cylinder was fine, could have rebuilt with new rings and called it good. The intake valves were pretty bad. So, head had been redone with oversize kibblewhite valves, and getting the 570 big bore kit to upgrade the power a bit. So for about $1000.00 I'll have a new improved bike that should go another 300 hours or so. Also, on the stock clutch plates wityh an auto clutch. Bill
  7. billgear

    hi, im new.

    All my seals leaked tell i tried Synergy seals. No leaks in over a year of nasty conditions. http://shop.synergyseals.com/main.sc Bill
  8. billgear

    YZ85 Fork Conversion Complete!!---PICS!!

    How much taller does the 125L end up being after the new forks are installed? Does anyone know if the BBR swingarm raises the bike aswell, and if so how much. Wondering if my short wife could handle these mods.
  9. billgear

    Little Wheel Electric Start

    I'm looking for a little wheel electric start version of the TTR 125, What years came like this, is there a model I'm looking for. This is for my 5'-1" wife. Thanks, Bill
  10. billgear

    Bonehead of the Year Award

    Suck it out with the vacuum, maybe rock the piston lightly back and forth against the pencil to mash it up a bit, if needed. Bill
  11. billgear

    CRF450X or KTM 450XC-W(R)

    Both bikes are awesome offroad rides. I have a 2005 KTM 450, so I kinda lean that way (it did need the suspension done to get right, but I'm a larger rider). Bill
  12. billgear

    What do you carry for a tow line

    I carry a nylon strap from an old ratchet style tie-down. About 20 feet long, works for towing and retrieving the "over the edge" bikes. Bill
  13. billgear

    Electric Trials Bikes for kids now Available

    We got one for Chistmas. My 2 year old grandson figured it right out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aq7zWKBoE94 He eats it 20 times a day, hasn't hurt it yet!! Seems easier to keep running then one of the fifties. Oh, and he can start it and pick it up by himself, that means I can sit back in the easy chair while he rides:thumbsup: Bill
  14. billgear

    How young is too young?

    Here is my 2 year old grandson. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aq7zWKBoE94 He got the little Oset bike for Christmas. Rides it almost averyday in the driveway, weekends at the motorcycle park. Kinda rough for him offroad as his 30 pounds doesn't get the suspension moving much. Bill
  15. Here is my 2 year old grandson on an Oset electric trials bike. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aq7zWKBoE94 These are pretty sweet because they are quiet, so the kid can ride anywhere evne in your yard. No kick starting, no gas or oil. It's jsut a great tool for little ones. We had the kid on a balance bike before the trials bike, so he never used trailing wheels. Rode with his feet up the first day. Bill