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  1. pr0ntab

    Any pics of cars towing bikes?

    I tow 2 bikes every weekend on the trailer with my 2000 Intrepid (2.7l).. It does fine... I just have to stage at the entrance to most places as I Cant get back far enough due to rough road etc...
  2. pr0ntab

    I need help finding a video!

    I just clicked "Search" and entered "albertson" in putfile... http://media.putfile.com/albertson-project-
  3. Ok, so I have tried to find information here and pretty much everywhere I could think of. Searched google a 1000 different ways, no luck here.. So I'm trying to put a name on the back of some MX pants. Examples: http://www.transworldmotocross.com/mx/gohuge/0,20859,1035041_1175154,00.html http://www.transworldmotocross.com/mx/gohuge/0,20859,1035042_1175154,00.html http://www.transworldmotocross.com/mx/gohuge/0,20859,1035040_1175154,00.html Does anyone know of any companies out there that will Cut the materials? Print them? etc? To me it seems like a layer or two of vinyl or leather cut to shape and sewn on properly is all it is... The backstory as to why I need this info... So my wife and I have a deal that I made with her shortly after she got her first bike and started to learn how to ride. She wanted her name, or a nickname across the back of her MX pants... I told her that when she clears her first set of doubles I'll get it done for her. Fast forward to now, and she is getting close to being able to hit her first set of doubles and she's reminded me of our deal. She wants "RocketWeasel" across her arse... lol Any help would be nice! Jason
  4. pr0ntab

    Thor Commercial

    This commercial is playing on Speed regularly during Bike shows. (Superbikes, Canadian Motocross and the Amp'd SX shows) I think I first saw it run over the weekend.
  5. pr0ntab

    Warning: Flammatory thread

    First, I'm a guy, so pay no attention to me... When my wife expressed an intrest in riding, she had never ridden a bike before and was scared as all get up. I tried to get her a 125/150 etc, but her size just made that hard. She's 4' 8" all of 95lbs... So she was stuck with the smaller bikes etc. I pushed her REAL hard into getting bikes that she felt were "too big" etc... She wouldnt get over the fact that she couldnt touch the ground on most all of the bikes she sat on. I tried to explain, that once you're riding it, you don't have to be able to touch with both feet etc... No go... Ended up with an 06 CRF100F... GREAT bike, bulletproof, my biggest complaint is no Disc brakes, not the greatest suspension etc... I can add a pipe, revbox, bore it out to 150 all to get more responsiveness/power, but its still not up to par with even a basic kx65/cr80 etc when it comes to suspension/braking. She's starting to really enjoy jumping and hitting things fast and I've got her talked into something like a CR80/85 KX80 etc... 2-Stroke so she gets more of that "On the Pipe" power. For her size I think it will be great. But my biggest problem is still getting her to buy something she can't quite "touch" easily, she wont get a bigwheel 80... so I guess I'm on the opposite end of the OP's comments. I'm always trying to get her to try something FASTER, BIGGER and Badder... I forced her once to ride a few loops around in a field with my KX250... That was fun, I had to Lauch her like a kid on their first bicycle and "catch" her when she came back... I think she liked it deep down though, even though she didnt get it much past an idle...
  6. pr0ntab

    junping in the desert.

    I'm pretty sure its north Scottsdale at one of the old Cattle Tanks off Tatum...
  7. pr0ntab

    junping in the desert.

    I recognize the spot and the rider... my wife and I were out there watching you guys hit that one afternoon. (fat guy on a KX250 and wife on a CRF100F) ...
  8. I use an automotive contact cement... Put some on the bar, little in the grip and slide it on, wipe off whatever squeezed out, and they dont come off at all. I ride in the rain, river crossings etc, sand, silt... grips don't come off. I just end up razoring them off when I change em, and the contact cement comes right off the bar with some solvent. And to the guy that just uses air and safety wire so he can move the grips to new bars etc... your grips last that long? I wear through a set of grips every few months. They just get worn down and loose their softness. Maybe its cause I use the soft compound Pro-tapers, but they are cheap enough... I do ride every weekend though, lots of trail riding. I don't use safety wire at all, never had the need. I've used Grip glue (scotts and others) and my grips would start to slip at the inside end after 5-6 rides. I pressure wash my bike and the grips (keeps em clean) and I get no slip with the contact cement, even when the end gets ripped off falling into rocks and sand gets all in the end of the grip, it doesnt start to wear out the glue at all.
  9. Nobody I know wearing them has a "perfect" no gap fit... There is always a little space between the frames in certain spots. Mine run high on my knee a bit so the knee cup has a lot of air under it.... I was really concerned at first as I wasnt wearing them tight enough at all... not even close. I would strap them and up and ride, and they would slide down, and never felt like I was "restricted" at all when wearing them. I spoke with asterisk and they gave me some tips to get them beyond tight... I run mine VERY tight... How I put them on: Get em on, pull the strings tight as I can. Uload the bikes, tighten them again, get another 3-4 inches of string. Finish gearing up, and give them one last pull, usually get an inch or two... At that point I make sure that they are not pinching anywhere etc, and are nice and tight... I can ride 4-6hours with lots of on/off walking etc and not have to adjust them at all, they stay in place perfectly. I do have some air between the frames and skin, I wear the XXL's, the XL's I just couldnt quite get my knee in them, they needed to be about 1/4in wider. My largest complaint is that my legs get tired now after a lot of jumping as my legs are taking a lot more weight when my knees would have been in the past. (thats the point of braces!) I have been able to tighten these things to the point that my lower leg mucles would "charlie horse" because of the pressure on them.... note to self, don't run them quite that tight again... that sucked But I do run them fairly close to that point, and even when wearing them for 6+ hours, I'm still comfortable in them. Jason
  10. pr0ntab

    whats wrong with windows movie maker

    Had the same error when I didnt have a proper 1394 cable and tried to get video from the unit. I was trying to use the USB interface, and windows movie maker didnt like it, threw that error... Switched over to firewire and all was well.
  11. pr0ntab

    ATVs in Winter

    I don't wear one for roost protection, I wear it cause it really Hurts bad taking an Ocotillo branch to the chest in singletrack at 20+mph. It also helps when you do a flop off the bike into Cacti or some nice jaggy rocks... Would have been nice if I was wearing it when I took a digger on my 2smoke a month or so ago and broke the front brake lever off with my sternum, damn that hurt and left a nasty mark.. still have knotted muscle in my chest from that... Besides, everyone gets on people for NOT wearing full riding gear when out here, why not give some props to the guys who are! Jason
  12. pr0ntab

    Cleanest Bike!

    I should get a couple extra points for Age vs Cleanliness... Its a 92'
  13. My newest toy... 92 KX250. Pro-Circuit Works Pipe, Answer Silencer, Boysen Reeds, Racetech suspension with Eibach springs, Blue Excel Rims, Emig Racing Triple Clamps and Pro-Taper bars. This thing is very fast, and very fun on the pipe. Click for larger Jason
  14. pr0ntab

    Service men and women deaths.

    It would be cool if we had an off topic picture/video forum... Man I wish we could get one of those...