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    Big bore kit on older bike?

    I also came off a 450 and found the 250 xcf fun to ride but a little low on the power I liked. I went with the 315 and rode it for two years. It does create more bottom and I really liked the power over my buddies 250 xcfw. I am now going to sink the money into the 340 kit ( 315 will only convert to a 340 unlike the 320 which can be turned into a 350). I will be keeping my bike for another two years, so for me the extra money in the bike is worth it. 338
  2. 338

    HT 315 to 340 ??

    To go the 340 from the 315 is 750.00. I don't think it includes any head work. 338
  3. 338

    HT 315 to 340 ??

    Rick H, I talked to Bill Jr. at HT-racing just a few days ago about upgrading my 07 315 xcf to a 340. The 340 is still available for the 250 xcf converted to the 315 as long as it is the electric start model, which I believe is all the 250 xcf's are. I will be sending my motor in sometime after the first of the year. Can't wait. 338
  4. Basically all I ride is single track. I came off a 03 450, the 250 xcf needed a little more poop, so I went with the HT-racing 315 and I really like the bike. I had the suspension re-done because I felt it deflected too much off trail junk and was sprung a little light in the rear for me. The gear ratio is tight, but it just makes it more fun to ride hard and not just be lazy. 338
  5. 338

    07 KTM 250 XCF engine

    I came off a 450, so when I rode the 250, it just seemed too under powered for me. I had the 315 work done and I really like it. The power is great no matter what type of riding I do. In fact when my 315 needs the engine rebuilt I will probably send it off for the 340 engine work. HT-racing is does great work. I believe you will really like the 315 over the 250. 338
  6. The 250xcf is a four stroke the 250xc is the two stroke.