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  1. Inside the tank there is this straw looking deal that draws the gas into the lines. I took the two bolts off of the bottom of the tank and pulled this thing out to look at it. By looking at it I could not see anything wrong with it or dirt in or around it. Then again, maybe I don't know what I am looking for too as this is the first time I have ever seen this thing. As for the vent hose, I'll look at that since I didn't even think about it. Thanks.
  2. So my bike started developing this problem the last couple times I rode it. It will not start with the petcock in the "On" position with the E-start or kick. As soon as I rotate to "Res" the bike starts in a push or two of the button or a few kicks. The last time I was out riding it I started it in "Res" after it would not start in the "On" position, I turned it to "On" after I got it started and rode for about 10 minutes and then you can tell that it was starting to not get gas because it was starting to die when I would give it gas and then it eventually just shut off while I was riding. I rotated back to "Res" and the bike fired up and rode fine again in that position. I've done the JD Jet Kit a long time ago, along with the airbox mod, Twin Air Filter and WB E2 pipe. I ran the bike until the gas ran out. Took off the petcock, blew some air through both the "On" and "Res" holes with the dial in the corresponding position. I feel the air just fine coming through both holes. I check the hoses that go from the tank to the petcock. No problems there either. Anyone experienced this before and know what the problem could be? My next thing is to just replace the petcock as that is the only thing that seems to be where the problem is as I know the carb is sucking gas because it works in reserve.
  3. clos75

    Tail light does not work

    I tested the wiring last night. It looks like it's the light itself that has burned out. I got a probe circuit tester and tested the main relay and both plugs where the light plugs to the wiring harness that goes to the main relay. I have power every where, even on the wires where they attach into the back of the light. Going to order a new light and hope that is it.
  4. clos75

    Wife's new CRF250X

    I also got a JD Jet kit along with cutting the airbox, Twin Air Powerflow, White Bros E2 pipe. I first did the airbox mod, put in the Twin Air Powerflow kit and jetted using the JD Jet kit. I put the hot needle in with the clip in the fifth position, put in the 160 main jet and set the fuel screw to 2 1/4 turns out. Wow! What a difference this was. I just followed JD's directions and recommendations. I also emailed him for some advice and he emailed me back the next day with great information. I just put on the pipe on Friday to gain a little more sound for feedback when I'm riding as I think the stock pipe is too quiet. The WB E2 is just under the 96DB limit so you should be ok. I guess it would just depend on how good your packing is and if a Ranger was to check your bike, how well calibrated his instrument is at the time. I was concerned with this when selecting a pipe as I ride up in the mountains at my in-law's cabin during the spring/summer and don't want to be causing any trouble. We also changed the main jet to a 165, put in a 42 pilot jet, also put in a Zip-Ty fuel screw and turned it down to 1 3/4 turns. Have not had a chance to take it out riding since but my buddy rode it around the block and said that it pulls harder than before installing the pipe and going to the bigger jets. The carb is a little bit tough to work on but after doing it a second time it was much easier then the first time.
  5. clos75

    Tail light does not work

    So was it a bad tail light then?
  6. clos75

    Tail light does not work

    Alright. Thanks guys. I'll get a hold of a meter and test out the relay.
  7. clos75

    Tail light does not work

    I just looked and I don't see one. So does this mean that the main relay or the regulator got messed up?
  8. clos75

    Tail light does not work

    My tail light does not come on. My buddy and I just got done putting in some larger jets. Before we put all the plastics, bolts, battery and bolted the seat down we started (kick) it and rode it around the block to make sure that everything was cool and running fine. The tail light was flickering when we had it running. Now after putting everything back together and starting (electric) it, the tail light does not come on at all. Not even a flicker. So I read the owner's manual and it says in there to not run the bike with the battery out of it as it could cause damage to the tail light. So now what? Is the light fried? Or is there a fuse or something that can be replaced as I am not familiar with this. I just hope I didn't screw it up.