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  1. 1trackmind

    2013 250xc parts recommendation

    This is where I bought my top end for my 13 300xc https://www.cookseycrank.com/top-end-kits I have been running Primary Drive X-ring chains and sprockets for years. Inexpensive but last a long time as long as I keep them clean, lubed, and proper tension, just as should be done with any chain. Fork seals. We usually have three or four bikes between my son and I. Usually one of the bikes won’t be ridden for some time depending on our mood of what we want to ride. On one of these occasions we had a bike sit for 2-3 months without being moved. The seals, SKF, started leaking a little. We didn’t notice it until we wanted to ride that bike. We wiped the oil off, took it for the ride with the expectation of needing to replace the seals after the ride. However the seals stopped leaking and haven’t leaked since. That was three hare and hound races ago. I guess my point is if the bike sits for extended periods of time the seals may weep. SKF are the gold standard of seals, but I have had good luck with other brands at much cheaper prices. I do my own work so changing fork seals is just the cost of oil, seals, and my time. It’s not a big deal For me to try different seals and oils.
  2. 1trackmind

    Handlebar Risers

    I've used these on a few bikes. https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/1316/25849/Tusk-Handlebar-Risers
  3. 1trackmind

    KTM 350 SX-F 2016

    My son's bike for next race season. We found a good deal and bought it. Just getting it prepped for next year.
  4. 1trackmind

    KTM 350 SX-F (2016)


    My son's bike for next race season. We found a good deal and bought it. Just getting it prepped for next year.
  5. 1trackmind

    2019 300XC W TPI

    Those look like some impressive products.
  6. 1trackmind

    2019 YZ450 FX Availability

    York’s Motorsports in Vernal.
  7. 1trackmind

    2019 YZ450 FX Availability

    Stopped at the local dealer today. They just unloaded a 19 450fx off the truck. Still in the crate. I’m going to go back next week to take a look.
  8. 1trackmind

    Ashley National Forest - Perfect day!

    It's the Big Brush Creek cave. It is pretty cool. I've been back into it around 500 yards. Others have gone much further in. The ice was all the way to the ceiling on July 13th. It has gone down quite a bit since then. Last year the ice was gone by mid June if I remember correctly.
  9. 1trackmind

    Ashley National Forest - Perfect day!

    A few more pictures.
  10. I normally don’t ride in group rides. Since I was having a birthday I decided to plan a ride, inviting different people that I have ridden with over the years. I invited 7 or 8 people that I figured had similar riding skills, figuring that maybe 2-3 would show up. The ride was planned for August 18th on the Ashley National Forest, north of Vernal, Utah. I live about 10 miles from a parking area on the forest boundary. I can ride from my house if I desire but trailer most of time. We met up at the parking area at the appointed time, ending up with a group of 7, counting me and my son. Of the group, I was the common denominator. Of the 5 other riders not one of them knew any of the other 5. But all of them were very friendly and easy going. Introductions were made and we headed out. It rained the night before, just enough to settle the dust. It was overcast all day and the temperature was perfect. It was one of those days that the stars align. What a perfect day. The only down side was the haze from so many fires in the West. We rode a loop of about 50 miles of mixed trails, starting at 6500’ up to 10,300’ and back down. We spent about 4 hours on the bikes. Since I organized the ride, I had my son lead while I brought up the rear to make sure we didn’t lose anybody along the way. My son and I had planned places to stop for rest and show off some of the scenery we have to offer in this area. We started off in sage brush which is what most people expect to be riding in. Within a couple of miles we were into quaking aspen and pine trees all the way up to almost tree line. We went to a cave that, amazingly still had ice in it, an old copper mine that was in operation from around 1890 until around 1925, and a smelter for the copper mine that was in operation for a couple of years around 1920. At the highest point in the loop we stopped on a bare ridge that gives a beautiful view of the surrounding area. After the ride, we met up at my house and had pork loin that had been on the smoker all day long, along with the rest of the meal my wife had prepared. What a great way to end an awesome day.
  11. 1trackmind

    2019 xc 300 or 2018 xc300

  12. 1trackmind

    2019 xc 300 or 2018 xc300

    Just out of curiosity, what in your opinion is the “correct choice”?
  13. 1trackmind

    Are the 4CS Forks “really” That Bad?

    I bought a 13 300xc last year. I absolutely hated the forks. I ended up sending them to get valved. I got them back and am very pleased with the results. It was well worth the money. Now my son has a 16 350sx with the 4CS forks. Not sure what we are going to do with these yet. He is still racing his Yamaha for the rest of this season so I have time to research my options.
  14. 1trackmind

    Bent pipe? Aftermarket solutions?

    I have a DEP on my 13 300xc but I’m not much help. That’s the pipe that came on the bike when I bought it used. I don’t have any experience to compare it to. It does seem beefy and has taken a beating. I’ve been riding mountains and racing desert here in Utah for over a year, approximately 120 hours that I put on the bike. I don’t have any guards or protection on the pipe and it is showing dings an a few small dents.