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    Bought this bike in May of 2017. I was planning on riding it for 6 months then selling it. Hated the suspension right off the bat. I had Division Suspension in Salt Lake City valve the forks. Oh, what a difference. The 300 never ceases to amaze me.
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    Bought this bike in May of 2017. I was planning on riding it for 6 months then selling it. Hated the suspension right off the bat. I had Division Suspension in Salt Lake City valve the forks. Oh, what a difference. The 300 never ceases to amaze me.
  2. Well, fellas, I would like to tell you I bought some protective gear and it worked perfectly. Instead, I get to tell you that I didn’t buy anything, because of indecision, and I had a little “incident” (at least that’s what I’m telling my wife) during a 70 mile desert race last Saturday. In the said “incident” (that’s what I’m yelling my wife) I bruised my ribs pretty bad. I feel for you guys who have actually broke ribs in the past. The simple thing in life, coughing, clearing your throat, blowing your nose, having a bowel movement...😳😳 Oh, the pain. On a positive note, I finished the race and placed second in my class. “What class” you ask? The OFSG (Old Fat Slow Guy) class😁
  3. Do you use a hydration pack or backpack with it?
  4. I've got a question about chest/rib protection. I've had two riding buddies break ribs during accidents. On of them ended up in the hospital for over a week and missed work for four weeks. He was wearing a Tek vest when he had his get off. So, the question is, what are you wearing for rib protection while still being able to wear a hydration pack? I looked a little bit at the MotoX vest, similar to what the bull riders wear, but they look too bulky. What are your thought?
  5. You’re right there. I just didn’t realize how use to the 2-stroke I had become until I jumped on the FX.
  6. I’ve been doing some research on the Lectron for a few weeks now. I keep coming across mixed reviews. I’m still on the fence with the Lectron. I knew about the limited supply of FI 250s but had forgotten about the 300s being released in Europe. I’m betting it will be a couple years before they are readily accessible for purchase in the US.
  7. Here’s my story and I’m stricken to it. Back I’m May I bought a KTM. As the title says, I was a WR450 rider, I loved my WR. I had been on 2 different WRs for over 10 years and knew the bikes very well. I had been debating on weather to get the 16+ WR450 or the 450FX. I was pretty well sold on the FX. The reason I ended up with a KTM was a friend of mine bought a Beta 300RE and was talking it up. So I started reading about the different 300s and found a decent deal on a 13 300XC, bought it, hated it, tried to sell it, was stuck with it. Since I figured I was stuck with it for at least a year, I tried to work out the bugs that were making me dislike the bike. I put risers on to get the bars up to my 6’3” frame, and resprung the suspension. Better, but the suspension was funky. It was stiff on the the small choppy stuff but I would bottom out on the bigger hits. I felt like it was going to deflect me off the trail or line I had chosen. I sent my forks to Division Suspension in SLC for a revalve. That made a HUGE difference, HUGE. I have put some where in the neighborhood of 50 hours on it now. This weekend, a friend I race with, the same friend that has the Beta, brought a 16 YZ450FX to my house. He had been listening to me talk about the FX so he bought one to test out. Even though I was liking the KTM, I have still been debating on swapping back to a thumper, the 450FX to be exact. After the weekend, I am staying on the KTM. The FX had plenty of power and had a lot more top end speed. But I have gotten comfortable on the KTM to the point that I felt like a fish out of water on the FX. No doubt I would get comfortable on the FX with time but for now the KTM is just too much fun to get rid of. Now if KTM will just come out with the 300XC-W with fuel injection.
  8. This video is a better representation of the terrain from last years race.
  9. Here is a couple of links. the first is kind of long but you can skip through to get the idea.
  10. October 28, 2017 This race is a fun race in central Utah. Give it a try. http://usraracing.weebly.com/uploads/7/8/8/3/7883188/2017johnrockfront.pdf http://usraracing.weebly.com/uploads/7/8/8/3/7883188/2017johnrockback.pdf
  11. I stand corrected on what forks . Never the less, I did hate my forks when I first got the bike. Yes, I tried to do tuning with rebound, compression and gas pressure but couldn't get them anywhere near what I would call decent, let alone amazing.
  12. I feel your pain. I too, am an old slow guy. I just bought a 2013 300xc. I use it for desert racing and mountain riding in North Eastern Utah. I wanted to sell the bike after I bought it. I came off of a WR450 and hated the suspension of the 300. It seemed like I could feel every little pebble that I ran over, and that anything I hit that was bigger than a golf ball was going to sent me off the trail. On the other hand, even after I resprung it, I would bottom out on the big hits. I ended up talking to a suspension guy that does a lot of suspensions for the desert race community here in Utah at the recommendation of other KTM riders. I was told that he has the KTM suspension dialed. I decided to give him a try. I only had him revalve the forks because I was on a budget, but HOLY SHIT! What a difference it made. The first ride was night and day difference from what it was before. I rode the same trails as I had been riding before the forks were done, but much faster and with confidence in the bike. You talk about boulder fields and such. The mountain trails that I ride are all washed out, like a creek bed. It made it much more enjoyable to ride. I have never had suspension work done other than what I do myself until now. Well worth the money. The price was good, less than $400. https://www.divisionsuspension.com/ Jesse Black did a fantastic job. It's worth the call to at least talk to him.
  13. Wow. That's interesting.
  14. I bought a new Cylinder Works cylinder for a WR450 a few years ago. I ran it for a few years without a problem. The guy I sold the bike to is still running it. Your cylinder does look weird.