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  1. I just ordered my Risk Stand. They even extended the 20% discounted which ended at the August. Good people. Thanks 450TrailRider for your suggestion.
  2. Anybody know where to find used motorcycle parts? Specifically I'm looking for light parts from a street legal enduro for my DR 250.
  3. What's the cheapest street conversion kit?
  4. I'm in the same class. 40's and out to play, not to impress. If you have the $$$ the Husky, KTM or the Aprilla. Some serious cash in those bikes, but if you ride a lot, why not? I'm thinking about one of those as my next bike.
  5. Does the DRZ 250 take the same graphics as the DRZ125? Lots of bubbles on the tank. Need a recall.
  6. I'm doing mostly enduro riding and would like some suggestions on some good brush guards for this this kind purpose. Thanks
  7. Where are some places to buy OEM & after market parts for a Suzuki.
  8. I'm also a convert to the MX boots. The ones I bought are not very comfortable. They feel like by ski boots. Hopefully, a comfortable MX boot exists.
  9. Not looking for MX performance, but lightweight, electric start, dependable, lights, (conversion to street later). I guess I want it all
  10. When was the last time Honda updated the XR line of bikes?
  11. What are some of the better 400cc 4stroke enduros made in the past 3 or 4 years. I'm looking for used, so dependability and quality are a must. Thanks.
  12. Looking for some good places to ride.
  13. I just picked up a used DR250Z and like some feedback on how you upgraded your 250. Your input is appreciated. Thanks.
  14. I just picked up 2002 dr 250 for $1,800. All stock and condition rated good, with minimal use. I'm a happy camper. I've seen new 2003's in a showroom for $3,700 in OH recently.
  15. The dr250z is a great starter bike. The Yam 230 is sort of lame, but go with the flow and go with the 250. Prove you can ride and I'm sure you'll be quickly promoted.