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  1. The XT660's are very popular in Europe, South Africa, Australia, just have a look at some of the stories from people who have gone round the world with these bikes http://www.xt660.com/site/node/78
  2. CaptnMoto

    Any Yamaha XT660 fans??!

    For more info on these bikes check out www.xt660.com, for specs, owners reviews and videos.
  3. CaptnMoto

    XT660 or DRZ400

    The difference in choice between the XT660X and the DRZ400 it's down to what you really need the bike for? If it is just to keep it as a toy, and to go out to play with friends, then the DRZ wins it because it is a lot lighter, more of a fun bike, specially if wheelies and stoppies are what you're after. The tank range of the DRZ (it only carries 7 litres) can be an issue when you realize the XT carries 15 litres of fuel of which 5 litres is reserve. The DRZ has a great little engine but it needs frequent services and oil changes and failure to change the oil often will result in poor engine life and expensive breakdown / engine rebuild. The XT is good to go for 6000 miles in between service due to it's capacity to carry 3.9 litres of oil in the frame. Yes the XT is the heavier of the 2 but it has a much more powerful engine which makes the DRZ feel like a 125cc in comparison. Speedwise the DRZ which is only 400cc, struggles to reach 90mph whereas the XT cruises at 90pmph and can reach 110mph unmodded. The XT is a reliable commuter and can handle herself up against bigger bikes. But as I've said if commuting is not your game and you only need the bike to have fun for short rides then the DRZ is the ideal of the 2. For more info on the XT bikes visit www.xt660.com Good luck on your choice whatever it is.
  4. CaptnMoto

    Lowering Seat Height

    Well you can unstaple the vynil cover and cut 3 inches from the top layer of the foam in the middle section close to the tank, which is what I had done to mine. simply re-cover the vynil and re-staple it with a staple gun.
  5. CaptnMoto

    www.xt660.com in England

    Wow not as sexy as you, love of my life.... about tomorrow night, your place or mine?
  6. CaptnMoto

    www.xt660.com in England

    Dear all I am pleased to announce the opening of a forum totally dedicated to the Yamaha XT660X Supermoto and her sister Enduro XT660R. The forum is located here: www.xt660.com if any of you has that bike and need to learn about tricks / modifications and or maintentance please join in and be enlightened. Great to see you all in there soon CaptMoto / Admin
  7. Hello everyone..... I was busy working on my website this morning when I noticed that a huge number of hits on my site came from ThumperTalk, so I joined to see what the fuzz is all about. In other words who is snooping and why?