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  1. "foxtail" led tailight...............got it from australian motorcycle components,do a search for foxtail and you might have a distributor over there......
  2. can someone who has had any experience with big bore kits please reply to sleds querry,As Im looking to bigbore my 06 DRZSM, possably to 470, however ive heard that it makes your 4 stroke more like a two stroke,as it spreads your power out through the rev range,and is not worth the monetry outlay, also could somone give a rough increase in power for say the 435/453/470 conversions????? Cheers DRZ
  3. i think yours was not a tanlslapper,but as your front hit the sand and slowed,your throttle remained the same and there rear tried to overtake the front,you actually lost the rear!!!!!
  4. Tankslapper means when your speed, or bike position takes the bikes susppension into the range with which it cant cope, and the bars slap from side to side violently and out of control of the rider,"the bars slapping the tank on there full range off movment",usally after a rapid change in direction,or after landing the front wheel after it has seased contact with the road, The front lands off axis with the Rear wheel,and in its rapid path to come back on line it has gained to much inerta, and moves past its axis line,this action fueled by the bikes forward motion, continues violently untill the rider regains control,or previously mentioned rider and bike merge with solid objects, tankslappers are violent and scary even when minor,and remind me of the saying "i was just a passanger" because as you move forward to crashing, you are tottally out of control of the bikes tankslapping motion............ hope this helps .................
  5. Here is my conversion on my 06 DRZ SM,i am runing RMZ 250 stauntions with 5mm spacers,this gives me 1mm clearance between the caliper and the spokes,no dramas yet,one track day under the belt, and two finger stopies,love motomaster,
  6. 06 DRZ SM
  7. Try a couple of plugs, mine are from the the engine bay of my car, they are used to secure the heat cloth to the inside of the bonnet, coat of paint then clear and there you have it....
  8. There your basic autombile pistripe, available at all auto stores,there 3mm width,and i just made sure that the surface was clean,then laid them down, i was running the bike all black in a stealth look, but i got bored and wanted to break up the black,the stripes are now off and im thinking of a new colour/design.... cheers......
  10. working on getting it into the garage,but here are the mods, pro taper bars ringmaster images gripper seat cover barkbusters yoshi full system,up two on the main jet, motomaster race brake kit with goodridge lines gsxr 1000 radial master cylinder, talon hubs, talon sprockets motorax brakelight and arrow short stem indicators race tech internals,springs,valves rk gold race chain harris drz racing grips custom black pearl paint hope this helps rick......... cheers Drz
  11. Hers MINE........... Yeah, i got the batman comments to.......red looks good but
  12. Here is mine 06 Drz SM Cheers DRZ MOTARDER
  13. Thanks to all for your replys/opinions as i was 50/50 about the pinstriping,generally the response has been good.... Cheers again Drz Motarder
  14. Yeah, i had it plain,and at this stage im still 50/50, but the majority of the people who have seen it have said that it looks ok, so hopfully it may grow on me.