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  1. bd450

    KTM Descion Time-need some local help

    IMHO 1/2 & 1/2 needs a 2 bike solution. I've tried the 1 bike solution from both MX(CRF450R) and enduro (EXC300) sides and wasn't happy with the results. Now I have a CRF450R and CRF250X and am much happier. $0.02
  2. bd450

    Best way to lower 2006 CRF 250X

    SpeedMetal Designs has a subframe lowering kit. Do that 1st then decide how much to lower the suspension. Stock my 06 250X had over an inch more rear fender clearance than my 05 450R. I put one on and like it and I'm 5'10". Just make sure to lube they're threads before installing the bolts they can gall easily. The only downside is finger clearance for lifting from the rear fender. Needs a grab strap.
  3. bd450

    I need your help (pray) thanks

    Smoji, I've been thru almost the same thing except in my elbow after surgery for a shattered ulna. My infection went undiagnosed and untreated for 2 weeks. They thought I might lose my arm. So I KNOW what you are going through and I'm pulling for you man. If there's anything, and I can do, say, or otherwise, give me a call (check your PMs for my number). BD.
  4. bd450

    SRAC Watkins race

    FWIW, I'd be more likely to show up and race if my motos were the last and 4the from last motos of the day. I'd practice Sat. & show up to watch a few motos before mine Sunday and race without any Sunday practice. A rough track I can handle (I can always go slower haha). Sun up to sundown I can't handle. So put the old guys in the back half of the program and you just might get more of us. Of couse a few will whine about equal access to the track but most old guys have out grown whiney and learned that fair is for fairy tales. $0.02
  5. bd450

    SRAC Watkins race

    I hear you. I won't go to any all day programs, period. Did one once at TV and had quallifiers in Vet Nov. so I had one moto at 8:30am and another at ~1pm. I split after my Sr. Nov 2nd moto at 4pm cause the Vet main wasn't going to go off till ~7:30 pm. 13hrs at the track is wayyyy too much. I heard horror stories of all day programs at Leahy's too. I think promoters do it to keep people away becuase they can't handle too many riders. I'll bet Britt choose all day cuz its early in the season and no time for qualliers if they get more than 40 riders in a class. They should do some 2 day events when running a single track.
  6. bd450

    Naval Jelly

    Dunno. I'd take a piece of scrap aluminum (an old sprocket maybe) and put it in the stuff for at least a day. Or even a week. It it comes out ok then I'd say keep using it. If you really want to do the experiment right measure the test piece with a micrometer before and after the test. That will give you the answer.
  7. bd450

    can I trust Honda's torque specs??

    If the manual specified putting oil on the threads then the torque specs given will be for that condition. Usually when no conditions are given you are supposed to use the default condition of clean dry threads. I don't remember seeing any conditions listed for oil drain bolts in Hondas manual. Kudos to yami for specing real world conditions not just their initial factory build conditions. And yes the male and female threads are different strength when they are different materials. Steels beats aluminum every time. A long time ago I used to use a torque wrench on my oil drain bolts but reduced the torque from 18ft-lbs (I think) to 8 or 10 to compensate for the oil condition. Now I do it by feel. Always done the filter bolts by hand. BTW, hondas dished 10mm & 12mm headed bolts are super easy to drill for safety wire. The solid 8mm headed one aren't near as easy. Sometimes I wire mine if I'm feeling energetic. Sometimes I don't. Never had a problem either way.
  8. bd450

    Melted radiator hose joint???

    One final thought. Check your muffler packing. Enough may have blown out to effect your jetting and cause extra heat from running lean.
  9. bd450

    Melted radiator hose joint???

    I run water wetter and never had melted a joint. Not that that really proves anything..... I would check the water pump seal/weep hole and the rad cap. If you lose pressure due to a weak seal or bad cap you can get localized boiling in the system. Steam can get much hotter than the liquid. Probably hot enough to melt the plastic joint. Bad water pump bearing & seal are not that uncommon on CRFs. Replaced them in my 05 in early 07. No problem in my ex-02 at least thru 07. My $0.02 Also, when the bearing & seal on the 05 went out it only leaked a tiny bit and only when hot. It was real hard to spot especially without a skid plate on to catch some of it. I wouldn't put a metal joint it. At least you are noticing the failures before you overheat and blow the whole motor. Who knows maybe honda made it from plastic as sort of a fuse in the system. Shoot, I spun a cam flange once when my cam chain tensioner failed and the valves played patty cake with the piston. Bent the valves slightly but I'm sure the spun cam flange saved a cracked piston or a bent rod or worse. I was glad honda didn't weld the flange to the shaft.
  10. bd450

    can I trust Honda's torque specs??

    Bingo! Give the man a cigar.
  11. bd450

    AMB Endurance Race @ Aztec, Saturday

    Weather wuz great! But man man am I trashed even typing hurts. Everyone I know came out unscathed. Taco lived up to the name and folded an ironman.
  12. bd450

    Are you happy with the way your 250x peforms?

    The X is great once you re-spring it, its a mush bucket when stock. I took my stock 450R springs (went stiffer on it too) and put them on my 250X. Way way better not too stiff either but still plush enough. It won't take big hits like the 450 would, it doesn't have the bottoming resistance. Flat landings and overjumping is where the MX suspension has the advantage. Every where else I'll take the X's valving. I'm 215lb in gear.
  13. bd450

    02 crf 450...worth piping?

    Bobs got the right idea. the 02's worst trait was the front end pushing in the corners. A 03/04 or aftermarket shock linkage raises the rear and puts more weight on the front. A tall seat helped me get further forward and that helps a lot too. I also has 20mm TC's but the linkage and seat were better bang for the buck. I shoulda cut & lowered the sub-frame after the linkage. Later I sold it and got a 05 that I'm still on.
  14. bd450

    Jumping in wind

    I agree with Merf so does another Sr. A rider I know. Lean your body downwind or weight the downwind peg. This is why so many people have trouble with it. It's counter intuituve and opposite what you've done most of your life. When you are walking,bicycling,skiing or anything where you are in contact with the ground you lean into the wind to keep from getting blown over. When you are in the air on a mx bike the bike has more surface area than you do so it will move more than you. You cant keep it from moving, you have to chase it by leaning downwind in order to be vertical on touchdown. Lean into it and you will not be vertical when you land and the bike will want to turn sharply. If you are lucky you will wash out and low side. Don't plant your foot and try to save the low side. Very likely to blow an ACL if you do. I fried one that way and have a friend that fried the same one twice. I rode one wind induced lowside to the ground and got a nasty thigh bruise but thats all. I studied this a lot after these experiences. Now i can ride in the wind no problem. I don't mess with summer afternoon storms though. The wind direction around them can change in a heartbeat and my reactions aren't fast enough. Constant wind driection is a lot easier to deal with. BTW an airplane pilot uses right rudder when landing in a crosswind from the left. Because the rear of the plane has more vertical surface area than the front (i.e the vertical stabilizer) and he has to move the nose to the right to catch up with the tail. Same principal and similiar appplication as jumping a MX bike in the wind. Happy Landings.... 1 other thing. Always take off from the upwind side of the jump or angle a little bit to the upwind side so that you don't land off the track.
  15. bd450

    Overheating problem?

    Next time its cold out richen the pilot screw. Colder ambient needs more fuel. Around here you here lots of popping at the track in the winter.