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    440ex big bore

    the only things i did different was while it was half way apart i had my mechanic open the cases put a hot hods crank in and a stg 2 hot cam i also bought a 450r carb to put on it first im gonna put a header on i would recomend the header my 440 keeps up with most 450r's smokes raptors you will notice a difference in power oh get some air scoops your motor will run hotter so dont sit arround watching people while your motor is running it will overheat keep the rubber side down bro lol
  2. cross_eyed

    new pic's want feedback..

    i vote wheels blk,hubs red,swingarm blk,and to top it off blk motor mounts then it will be tight along with a chrome or stainless bolt kit
  3. cross_eyed

    new pic's want feedback..

    i vote wheels blk,hubs red,swingarm blk,and to top it off blk motor mounts then it will be tight
  4. cross_eyed

    400EX eating rear axle bearings

    if you have the phone # to the shop he got the last bearings from call em and send them the bearings ect they would probably check em out and let you know what they believe is the cause just maybe they will set you up with another set of em its worth a try also check the swing arm bearings/bolt good luck hope you figure it out
  5. cross_eyed

    400EX eating rear axle bearings

    did he put in a diff carrier or just bearings try a good aftermarket carrier you should try that if you have tried that check the axel for slight bends make shure its got grease!! lol keep the rubber side down
  6. cross_eyed

    do i need to re-jet ???

    tahank for the info i talked to the previous owner the air box lid is off he said the jets in the carb are good for 2000 above sea level and below does this sound right my valves were mushroomed a lil so im putting new valves too oem but it did run like a raped ape before the cam ??? after cant wait when its all said and done ill clock it with my new radar gun and post it lol ty all
  7. cross_eyed

    Honda do i need to re-jet ???

    ok i have a 04 trx450r full dg exhaust stg 3 i beleve rev box and the lil power now thing in carb i am putting a stg 2 hot cam in i am at sea level will i need to re-jet and how much difference should i notice with the hot cam thank-you all for your help keep the rubber side down
  8. does anyone know if a swingarm off a 03 400ex will fit a 04 450r the shops arround me said try TT to find out for shure im asking because i just bought the 450r i can get a aftermarket +1 1/4 off a 03 400ex at a good price or are the axels the same ??? thanks for the input and your time RIDE HARD
  9. cross_eyed

    Engine fit

    not a problem fellow rider this site is great for us all to help eachother. i just wish the darn thing would have been at least a close fit.keep the rubber side down !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. cross_eyed

    Engine fit

    i tried it today forget it it just wont work without cutting the frame to allow for exaust and it looked as if i did it the frame wouldnt be sturdy at all good luck if you try it im going back to the 125 motor !!!
  11. cross_eyed

    Engine fit

    will that 250 fit between the swingarm im trying to do the same thing for my son i guess we will find out im buying a 250 motor today and get to fabricating ! i will repost as i try to do this. all help helps thanks
  12. cross_eyed

    91 rn 125 turned into 250 ???

    anyone know if a 87 or 88 rm 250 motor will fit into a 91 rm 125 frame thank you for any help.
  13. cross_eyed

    91 rm 125

    thanks i just found out that they are not the same and i found the right ones.
  14. cross_eyed

    91 rm 125

    can anyone tell me if the 91 rm center casing the one with the oil drain hole is the same as a 94 rm or if the top end from the 91 will fit the 94 bottom end ?thanks for your time......