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    new to FL - looking for ride info

    Thanks very much guys, and I will get in touch with the members you mentioned. I was worried that after slowly getting bikes and gear for ourselves over the past couple of years, we would not be able to use it down there. I have family down there but nobody into riding so I was not sure where to start - this helps a lot!! BTW, I do all the other things you mentioned - except surfing . I ride street as well and will miss the Berkshire/White Mountain roads up here I think! My daughter is already picking out scooters/bikes she wants haha. Thanks again, and hopefully I can get to know some of the members in the area in the near future.... -Paul
  2. sl10002002

    new to FL - looking for ride info

    Hey Guys, I have lived in MA for the past 35yrs and am moving to FL in the summer of 2006, specifically around the Orlando area (exact location TBD). My 14yr old daughter and I enjoy trail riding together - we both have XR's that we chug around on. We are lucky enough that the last big public riding area here in MA is only a few miles away but we're hearing that will be closed soon. Just wondering if anyone can tell me if there is any riding around the Orlando area or if we are SOL? I'm more interested in trail/recreational riding as opposed to MX. Apologies if this is covered elsewhere in the forum; we are packing up slowly and my PC is packed and its hard for me to stay on these sites to search etc from work. Any info is appreciated; we're hoping we can find enough to justify keeping the bikes when we move. -Paul