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  1. anybody using the ODI flex handlebars .wondering how they compare to the FLEXXbars ??
  2. Any body have any feedback on these bars,gettin' 'old,trying to lessen stress on body parts. Magazines seem to like Flexx bars ,ODI is less $$
  3. mcassidy

    08 te450 fuel pump

    I installed the ca-cycleworks fuel pump works great!...affordable
  4. mcassidy

    Good Dual Sport Trails/Roads Near Redding, CA?

    Dualsport = North of shasta lake either side of I-5 miles n miles of F.S/logging roads
  5. mcassidy

    Nevada Moonrocks?

    Hows the conditions at Moonrocks Hoping it's snow free?? (Need to get out of the stuff here)
  6. mcassidy

    08 TE510 starter

    When cold, E-start spins without engaging or will engage for a couple of turns,then just spins . Works fine after its warm. Only has 800 miles on it. Anybody else have this issue? cures?
  7. mcassidy

    Nor Cal Dual Sport Rides

    Dust devils mc in Reno...... amazing fun event
  8. mcassidy

    Arizona Wickenburg?

    Gotta get out of the snow in Jan. Is Wickenburg a good area to ride off rd. exploring for a week? thanks!
  9. signed up!,, Nugget parking lot? Early a.m. ? thanks looking forward to it all!
  10. Good ride for intermediate type rider on a DR650 with knobs ?? thanks
  11. mcassidy

    Anyone ride Moonrocks recently ?

    Where is "Pineuts", whats it like? snowed in too?
  12. mcassidy

    Cogent or Ricor shock??

    Fronts much better with spring change and Intiminators Rear needs some help !
  13. mcassidy

    Cogent or Ricor shock??

    Any thoughts ? Ride 80%dirt,all types thinking about replacing the stock pogo stick thanks
  14. mcassidy

    1996 DR650 oil leak Trans output shaft seal

    New seal is here! Will try your solution and wait for the snow to melt. Thanks for the info