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  1. nhoj_yelbom

    07 YZ 450 Oil Housing Time Sert

    the 9.4 is too short, go with the 12mm
  2. nhoj_yelbom

    07 YZ 450 Oil Housing Time Sert

    thank you, was trying to leave it put together without disturbing the short helicoil thats in there, guess i will get the kit with 9.4mm and order couple of the next size longer also.
  3. i have installed a heli coil temporarily, cant find any time cert thread repairs local. the kit for M6x1.00 comes with 9.4mm insert, is this the proper length to block the oil drain hole? thanks
  4. nhoj_yelbom

    DRZ-110 Totaled????

    i have a drz-110 and the footpeg mounts to the bottom of the engine. well the footpegs got ripped out of the bottom of the engine and boke the mounts. the engine is not affected at all, but how could i fix this?