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  1. will do, it should all be finnished in the next couple of weeks, maybe sooner if all the parts im waiting turn up.....
  2. they are indeed, at the mot the bike is still in bits. after having the frame,swinger engine and a few other bits and pieces powder coated. still waiting on my new wheels, and some other bits and peices. should look quite different once finnished:ride:
  3. heres a selection of my bike, 2004 smr450 with 05 bodyworks,wrp wheels,full acro exhaust system, fat bars, acerbis handguards and a few other bits and peices......... these pics were taken before I stripped it down for, powder coating new wheels and other bits and peices..... will post new pics once bike is back together
  4. I was running maxxis goldspeed silver front and rear, but the rear only seems to last about 1000 miles road use only, now im using an avon distanzia rear which are meant to last longer
  5. yes mate its the road licence fund we have to pay
  6. some cracking bikes there guys well this is my toy
  7. cheers guys, not sure whats next on the cards for the bike
  8. hi ya mate im down in essex, I used to have a 570, excellent bike , and the acro exhaust is just the end can, will be getting the headers soon
  9. hi ya, just thought id show you a few pics of my 04 smr 450. what do ya think cheers dave
  10. thanks for that bit of info barrowbuild i will check to see if thats one of the causes
  11. the bike is a pain it the arse to start and its running really ritch
  12. thanks for that interceptor i will give it ago and mod the airbox cover cheers dave
  13. can anyone help me as i really need to get it sorted cheers dave
  14. hi im new to the world of supermoto and i have just brought a husqvarna smr 570. just wondreing if antone can help me. I have the delorto carb and was just wondering if i cut the holes out for the airbox mod would i have to change the jetting and if so to what any help would be much appreciated cheers dave