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  1. Anyone doing the school this Sunday at Miller with Cassidy Anderson? Just curious!? If you need the sign up info Shoot me an email and I will pass your name along TGroulx AT Gmail.com It is $395 on your own bike, no knobbies allowed. I will be there let me know if you will be.
  2. Got some DT501s woot! 100 up front and 110 in the rear
  3. I was thinking that was the width at the base of the rim! Silly me!
  4. Where did the air filter ? come from?? LOL Yes oil your air filter Grease your axles with a grease that does not break down easily Oil your cables, levers and anything else that moves should be lubricated
  5. So if the first number is 90, is that not the width? I can fit up to a 110 wide on that? Great info guys I appreciate it!!!
  6. Got the front axle off!!!! I am a pretty strong dude but I needed a 4 foot breaker for that beast! I am used to working on a machine that gets torn apart every month not sits for 4 years with 0 maintenance!
  7. So I took my wheels (currently only one) off today, the back had zero grease on the axle (is this normal for dirtbikes? I come from Road Racing) So anyways trying to take the front axle off, I completely removed the pinch plate on the drivers right side. Squirted break loose oil into the left. And Ill be damned if that thing is not stuck. I need an impact set!
  8. Know who I can buy them through, cannot find a US distributer with them on hand
  9. Thanks I will check into that!!!
  10. BEFORE I get jumped, and I know I will, I did a search okay! !!! Know here is what I am trying to do, I want to put desert race tires or some other DOT enduro tire on my 1fiddy, to race supermoto sportman class which requires stock rims. I prefer Dunlop, but my Roadrace dealer can not get not race tyres nor can he get non race information. now, I cannot have any type of knobby in the term of knobby at all. So the thing says I have a 19x1.40 front with a 90/100-19 tire and a 16x1.60 rear with a 70/100-16 rear. My problem is I cannot find any tire company that has the little number first. and which number is important for fitting to the rim? Anyone have any experience with this type of tire on the stock rim? Thanks!!! and BTW do a search for "use the search button" =D
  11. If building a little Roadrace bike, why not get an RS, NSR, or Metrakit... I picked up my older RS125 for $1300 and it is awesome!!!
  12. Thanks! Yeah I did not see a compilation for new guys when searching. Figured I would post up and that way anyone who wanted to give their 2 cents could, and also I could say hello and introduce myself Thanks!
  13. So I decided to convert to Smoto from road racing... I am over 200 lbs and having never REALLY ridden (i.e. more than drive around the street) a dirtbike I decided I wanted something with a smalled frame to learn on. I found a decent 03 150 at a great price. Now my questions to you are, what mods should I do in what order for smoto. I know a catch can and peg sliders are number one, but what else? (besides $900 rims..... ) So anyways here are some pictures on my first day on her. per the last picture... Big thanks to motonation for letting ,e carry over my Sidi contract!