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    how do u run your fuel line 06 450 IMS tank

    the IMS instructions actually say to turn the petcock around. The stock line works, its exactly the right length. plus the petcock is a little more protected since it faces inside. no need to go out and buy all new stuff.
  2. We are trying to get our 2006 WR450F jetted correctly. As of right now the carb. is set as aftermarket fuel screw 1.5 turns Main: 180 Pilot: 50 Boysen Quickshot, grey wire mod., everything else in the carb is stock. Bike has a complete Dubach Exhaust. Throttle stop removed. The bike seems to run from 0 to half throttle well. When I take off at a dead stop and try to accelerate the bike starts to miss once i hit just past half throttle and i am forced to shift early and i am not able to pull each gear through the powerband. It kind of seems like maybe a rev limiter is kicking in. Not really sure. Any help? Thanks