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  1. yz250fstevo

    do not use stock bars to tie wr250x down

    relboc you are correct it is a hitch carrier you are right about pulling back to center will change the way i tie down next time made it for california to south dakota before problem hope to help anyone else not to have this problem did get to ride in bryce canyon and the needles highway before it got damaged made a parts list today parts totaled 1700.
  2. yz250fstevo

    do not use stock bars to tie wr250x down

    zadok ok right handle bar tie down was on throttle grip with a soft tie handle bent an let soft tie fall off than the bike would bounce back an forth on the right side the tie that went through right foot peg came out an let bike fall to the left side the bike rack has the handle bar tie downs going back to the center of rack to tie down this bike rack was bought from camping world not saying the rack was at fault if handle bar had not bent right tie down would not have came loose now if i could have put the same tie down on right side foot peg would as the left the bike would not have been able to fall off the back steve
  3. yz250fstevo

    do not use stock bars to tie wr250x down

    had 2 tie downs on handle bars had tie down on front an rear tires zadok look at last picture an you can see that i have put chain links in left side foot peg. right side had what you have in you trailer left side foot peg chain link kept bike from falling off rack drug bike behind motorhome about 2 miles did not have camera on back of motohome on
  4. took my wr250x on vacation to south dakota was in the badlands when handle bar bent on right side and let 1 of 6 tie downs fall off. these pictures were taken later after we put bike back on rack the damage is only to front fender, speedometer, headlight housing, handlebars, radiator shourds, speedometer wiring harness steve
  5. yz250fstevo

    lowered wr250x

    Here's the full picture of the bike
  6. yz250fstevo

    lowered wr250x

    ok here are some pictures raised the forks 18 mm seat height measured about 34.25 hope this helps steve
  7. yz250fstevo

    lowered wr250x

    will take some pictures sunday battery is charging right now for camera
  8. yz250fstevo

    lowered wr250x

    hello been reading this forum for three weeks now went out an bought a wr250x after reading everybodies reviews have not been on a street bike since high school this bike is so much fun anyway bought a yamalink monday and it arrived this afternoon very nice workmanship total of 30 minutes to install & lower front forks took it out for ride around town handles great ride safe steve
  9. yz250fstevo

    06 yz450f dripping oil from breather tube ?

    thanks for the replies grayracer513 said i did not look hard enough true found those threads talked to local mechanic and he said it was normal this my 5th yamahe 4 stroke & its the first to do this thanks again
  10. 06 yz450f dripping oil from breather tube dike was bought in oct of 06 rode once in oct,dec & april of 07 mostly in the desert rode the bike today after warm up rode it down the road about 1 mile shut bike off & have 4" dia. oil puddle after a few minutes just sitting there did a search did not find anyting on this problem is not leaking from galley plugs thanks steve