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  1. well, got a crated 08 yz250f thats white and OTD for $4249.81 couldn't pass it up...just have to put her together! Saved on the assembly fees! I just have to shave the seat so I can touch and break her in...Do they make a lowering link for the 08 250f's?
  2. I gotta ask sawworcs...money reason or performance? I am not really getting any feedback setting my decision in concrete...just when I lean to one side, you slip in the comment, "Btw, I would buy the 06..." your killing me with no backup to your response. I appreciate the response though!
  3. I just wish my works rad guards and pipe off the 450f would fit the 250f, but I may be surprised by the stock performance?!
  4. I called the Diamond Motorsports in DE and they had nothing under 5K. The 06 bike is two hours one way further drive too...well, I think I will try the 08 250f and not trade the 04 450f in case I miss the tractor!
  5. I have called every dealer within a 200 mile radius of where I live to find the deal of $3999.00 on the 2008 yz250f leftover. I need to pay tax and that is the best I found...
  6. believe it or not I am 5'4" and had to shave the seat and lowering link the rear of the 450. Its a steel frame 2004, but I like the power...just too heavy and I ride less and less every year. I have no intention of replacing the piston for a few years as much as I ride, so that is not a factor...I will have to lower either bike due to my height. I just feel that in 4 years or so when its time to resell the bike, thats when the money difference will come back into play. I just want to get the better bike now and the money is only half the reason I am asking you guys for advice...
  7. valve recall was done by the dealer. I am not getting any feedback on the performance of either bike from anyone...? I am getting one on Saturday and am leaning toward the new one, but the 06 is cheaper...I just wanted the thumper army's opinion as everyone is honest on this site!
  8. I agree about the price with the exception of it being ridden twice...I know the bike and the guy got hurt and never recovered enough to ride it again...it wasn't wrecked, it was from another accident.
  9. I can get the 06 yellow for 3500 and the white 08 for 4700...
  10. interesting...I am up for any and all advice thats out there. reading reviews, they say that the 08 has more useable power due to the compression ratio being changed and a better factory suspension...now I hear different from an owner. Wow-I just want to make sure I dont regret spending money especially as bad as things are now...thanks guys for any help.
  11. I am coming off a 2004 yz450f and am going to try a yz250f. I am looking to ride woods more and am only 145lbs. I am looking at a used 2006 yellow edition bike that is stock with only two rides vs. a 2008 new left over bike. there is only $1200 difference between the two. The 2006 is being sold due to an injury...I know nothing about either year...give me some advice guys...you steered me right three years ago with the 450f...
  12. Well guys, I feel like a fool...I tried everything on this little bike and I think its time to take it to the shop...I still cannot get spark. I checked every single connection. the coil may be bad but I have no idea how to test. There are more wires on this than my 450f times 4! Any last ideas before I bite the bullet?
  13. The battery is fully charged. I used a battery tender on it. Also, Sta-Bil was used last year last time it was started. Its been sitting three months and I narrowed it down to spark. Its not getting any. I have no idea what to check on it. I am a car guy and not a bike mechanic. Thanks to all!
  14. 2007 ttr50 ridden three times since new. Put it away last year and got it out today and cannot get it started. I took the plug out and it doesn't seem to be getting spark...any ideas on what to check forst, second...etc. I didn't get a manual with this bike, but any help would make us both happy! thanks guys!
  15. Just got my daughter a 2003 drz125 and it starts great with the choke, but you cannot take the choke off even when warm. It wants to shut off. I cannot find an idle adjustment to turn it up a bit to keep it running...It did sit for over a year when I got it, but I drained gas and cleaned everything in the carb...HELP!