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  1. Good stuff, glad to see your still rippen wheelies towliee.
  2. Nice, rocken them seat standers with no handbrake eh? Not bad.
  3. Some pictures of my toy, old to new. Cracked frame and replated Sub tabs renforced Starting circles
  4. I think a Stunt section would be great to have..
  5. Agreed with above. I would say $650 or less.
  6. No experience, but neat bike! That'll be a fun project.
  7. I like it. I'd start by taking off the warning stickers, heat Shields, and chain guard. Then all the free mods to try and squeeze any more juice out.
  8. My reaction the same.
  9. I know in 50 nuts, especially their older vids, almost all of them are running stockers. What I have seen is usually bars and maybe +1's with a shock or spring like infests was saying.
  10. Thanks for all the help fella's, especially the chain references number9. I pulled the engine today and good news the internals appear to be good. Something happened so the shift shaft is out of alignment/not seating right and wont engage the next gears. Still not sure what I'm going to do about that hole in my engine..
  11. Man, sorry to hear about your friend. I wish him the best. On the flip side... yes let me know ASAP if the motor is salvageable. Hmm its an 06 though I'm not sure if it will work with my 05.
  12. Thats the way I look at it. Hard way to learn but a good way none the less. I have no idea why it failed in the first place. I like to think I maintain my bikes like no other. So what would be a "premium" chain that you suggest? Yes, it was a clip-type master link. To be completely honest I had no idea, no idea that they even made rivet-type master links. I'm still pretty new to the street bike world. Learning the hard way, but learning non the less. Thats crazy, does anyone have a link to a few good rivet link type chains?
  13. I did the 520 conversion around the same time the engine was done. The chain is a EK "SRX" Quadra-X-ring chain I believe.. Yeah, thats what everyone tells me. To be honest I think I just have some really bad luck. No track bike... just 3rd owner, and may have been really beat on. Thats the risk you take buying used. Man, I appreciate the help. That is probably going to be my best bet. Still don't regret selling that hunk of.. oh never mind. Yeah, I'm glad nothing else happened or else I probably would go crazy. Like I said above I'm pretty sure after looking it up its the 'EK "SRX" Quadra-X-ring' chain. And that was a good thought, It says limited 1-year warranty.. Worth an email.
  14. I had the engine rebuilt this summer as the whole bottom end blew; crank, rods, etc etc. All fresh and new not even 2,000 miles after the rebuild today my chain snaped (at the master link), got caught up in the counter sprocket and as you can guess I didn't fair out to well. I did some searching and was suprised that a few other people had the same exact hole in their R6. As soon as the chain snapped the bike died. 2005 R6 20k miles. It does NOT shift gears. This sucks because I just dumped $1,500 into that engine not even 2 months ago. Chain also took a bunch of other crap with it.