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  1. badyfz

    Yamaha 4 sale

    hey, i have a yfz on ebay take a look 330219874009
  2. badyfz

    Which aftermarket exhaust is best for yfz450?

    i have a sparks for sale on ebay#230090684517
  3. badyfz

    Yamaha sparks exhaust

    Post you exhaust in our classifieds, not open forums.
  4. badyfz

    Yamaha sparks exhaust

    what is the dbs of a sparks exhaust?
  5. badyfz

    Kawasaki flames shoots out

    i have a 06 kfx400 when i rev it up flames come out the pipe. jetting is 160m 25p clip on 3 and three turns out. mods r full hmf system k&n filter no lid
  6. badyfz

    Kawasaki jetting

    hey i have a 06 kfx400 i took the bowl off 2 jet it the stock main jet is long the one in the jet kit is small.helppppppppppppp
  7. badyfz

    Moving back to NJ-Where to ride?

    hi welcome back i have a place 2 ride. email me badraptor@optonline.net
  8. badyfz

    Back Up And Running

    hey bruce can i ride a quad at the track. thanks
  9. badyfz

    Awesome Turn Out

    can u ride quads?
  10. badyfz

    New Track South Jersey

    hey can u ride quads at this track.