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  1. mikej567

    Timing kx450f Valve gasket or not?

    The last time i posted something before this one I had a CRF450. Figured I should change it and accept that I have a Kawi now
  2. mikej567

    Timing kx450f Valve gasket or not?

    Thanks!!! Really appreciate that
  3. mikej567

    Timing kx450f Valve gasket or not?

    Can someone send me the service manual. I tried to find the one that a lot of people talk about for the 2006 but all the links i've tried don't work
  4. mikej567

    Timing kx450f Valve gasket or not?

    Thanks everyone, put it back together this morning and everything looks good. I sold my honda before joining the coast guard and a friend gave me a great deal on this kawi with a cracked piston, thats why i have the honda avatar. Guess it is time to change that.
  5. mikej567

    Timing kx450f Valve gasket or not?

    Thanks, going to set the timing with the valve cover off
  6. mikej567

    Timing kx450f Valve gasket or not?

    I am rebuilding my kx450f. In the process of setting the timing right now. I don't have a manual and want to know if I should have the valve cover gasket on or off when I time it. It looks like it could be off a couple tooths depending if its on or off which ever way is the wrong way. Thanks
  7. I took out my 42 pilot and put in a 45. I also removed my Zip-Ty after market fuel screw and put in the original screwed out 1 1/2 turns and then tried 2 turns. The bike is still hard to start. I had to bump start it; however when it fired the idle is better than it was before, but still not good. I think it must be some sort of air leak.
  8. I have sprayed the pilot with brake cleaner and wiped it clean, also the screw is 1 1/2 turns out.
  9. Having problems with my bike running, it is very difficult to start. When it does finally start the Idle is way too high and when I turn the idle down just the smallest turn it wants to die down, it also revs up out of control when I turn it up. If I get the idle knob in a position where the idle levels out it will hang at high idle after I touch the throttle. The bike is a 2006 CRF450R with stock jetting and has been sitting since before the winter, but it was giving me similar problems at the end of the season last year, just not as bad. I have checked the valves and the decompression clearance and they are still in spec. I also have cleaned the carb including the pilot circuit about 5 times yesterday and still not running well. The plate on the slide is facing square edge down and the o-ring looks to be in good shape. The bike would always start after a couple kicks in the past, it is very frustrating, any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  10. mikej567

    Problem after piston install.

    thanks guys, I got it up and running. It was off a tooth on the timing, now it runs like new.
  11. I just installed a stock piston in my 2006 crf450r today. When kicking it over it is very difficult right at the compression stroke. The bike will start and run, however, it will stall out soon after. By the way the bike idles it seems to sound like it is timed correctly. I could'nt locate my owners manual. So i torqued my head nuts to 45 foot pound and my cam bolts to 10 foot pound. Does anyone have any suggestions that I can try, it would be greatly appreciated.
  12. mikej567

    03 yz250f problem

    Well we took the side cover off the engine and saw that the teeth on the water pump weren't lined up and destroyed the gear causing pieces of it to go all in the engine. He talked to a dealer today and they said it would be about $700 to split the cases and clean it out.
  13. mikej567

    03 yz250f problem

    Thanks, I know that he did take the side cover off on the clutch side, so I think that it could be very likely that something is loose inside and obstructing the shift linkage behind the clutch.
  14. mikej567

    03 yz250f problem

    I was riding with my friend who has an 03 250f that was working fine all day, then all of a sudden the bike would not shift correctly , it would only go into first and neutral. As he rode it back to the truck the bike began to shift crooectly again and then it broke again. Anyone have any ideas what is wrong with it?