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  1. Adrenlin

    Questions ?????

    Nevermind guys, I changed the plug and all I can say is WOW !!!! This thing runs like a raped ape! I didnt expect it to be sooo fast, but I am glad it is.... Adrenlin
  2. Adrenlin

    Questions ?????

    Thanks for the reply... I have the tank off already, but I see there is a little coil type device on top of where the plug is. Do I just pull that off of the top, and the plug is under it??? Adrenlin
  3. Adrenlin

    Yamaha Questions ?????

    Hey guys, I am brand new to the board so I wanted to say hey and also ask a few questions please??? I JUST purchased a 2004 YFZ-450 for a real good deal so I didn’t ask many questions when I purchased it and thought I could figure it out myself.. Well, that didn’t work so I figured I would ask you guys here. Well at first the battery was a little weak and it had a hard time starting. Then when it did start it was popping on excel, and small flashes were coming out of the tail pipe...Also, the pipe was turning orange from the head to about 8 inches back... I figured this was a bad plug, but I am totally not familiar with changing one of these... I looked at the top of the head and decided to ask before I screw something up. I have no owners manual so I am relying on you guys... So, what is the procedure to change one of these plugs? I look forward to any and all responses to these questions... Thanks a lot guys, I guess this is what happens when you only spend $3300 on one of these machines and don’t ask any questions... Adrenlin