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  1. brett_h

    150 XC reviews/feedback

    Right, MXA.
  2. brett_h

    Wiseco 290 Jetting Help

    If you are properly jetted now just lean your M.J. 1 or 2 sizes, and possibly 1 position leaner needle position, 1 size leaner P.J. or turn the fuel screw in. Don't focus too much on how any one else jets their bike, they aren't at your location, elevation, temperature, etc.
  3. brett_h

    Bore Big Kit 03 wr250f

    I have a Vertex 300cc, that is the largest I am aware of.
  4. brett_h

    290 big bore kit for YZF250

    The H.P. increase with just the big-bore is good, 2-3 H.P., but the increase in torque is much more substantial. The smaller kits that use a 2-3 mm bigger piston give about the same H.P. increase with more on the top end and less torque down low. Anything is an improvement over 249cc.
  5. brett_h

    Bore Big Kit 03 wr250f

    Indeed, a BB 250F is far superior to a stock displacement 250F and in my opinion the best size. My WR-300F tops out at 80+ mph and gets there quick. The new KTM 350F sounds really swell but 47 H.P. is still a real handful. I am never at a loss for horsepower.
  6. brett_h

    Bore Big Kit 03 wr250f

    There are a lot to choose from, +2mm 263cc, +3mm 269cc, +6mm 290cc +7mm 300cc, and probably more, also bore & stroke combinations.
  7. A WR has around 20 mph more top speed than a YZ. I would love to have a light quick 250F mx bike, but a top speed of only 60 wont do it for where I ride.
  8. brett_h

    Ti yzf parts

    I cant say that I agree with that; it has been quite a while since I read a test on a KTM off road bike that was slammed for it's PDS suspension. For top level MX it does seem to still have limitations though. But suspension aside, their motors are typically the most powerful and most reliable. They have avoided the aluminum frame trend and anyone that works on their own bike will tell you that the aluminum frames are a pain to work on. And steel frames are just as light, or according to the most recent information, lighter than aluminum. It just seems like KTM tries a lot harder to give riders and racers what they want, they make more models and sizes than the Japanese; 125, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450.
  9. brett_h

    athena 290

    You NEED smaller jets.
  10. brett_h

    Ti yzf parts

    Hey Stu, I don't have a clue what you are talking about.
  11. brett_h

    athena 290

    1 or 2 size smaller M.J. and 1 size smaller P.J. should get you in the ballpark.
  12. brett_h

    Yz250f big bore

    I went down 2 on the rear and it was perfect, I tried 3 but it was too much.
  13. brett_h

    Ti yzf parts

    KTM has been showing the Japanese how to make fast, quiet, light bikes with e-start & hydraulic clutch's for a while now they should be able to do it too.
  14. brett_h

    Ti yzf parts

    I have a titanium shock spring from a 2007 YZ-250, and a titanium GYTR subframe on my 2002 WR-300. Maybe around 5 lbs reduction, I didn't weigh the subframe but if feels much lighter than the stock one. Freaky light. Supposedly some aftermarket springs aren't accurately made and your spring rate is who knows where. The stock Yamaha springs are accurate.
  15. brett_h

    Yz250f big bore

    Did you experiment with a leaner needle position?