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  1. jamodu-fishbulb

    black tank on ebay....

    gone now. sorry guys....
  2. jamodu-fishbulb

    black tank on ebay....

    check this out..... its in australia. mmmmm black.
  3. jamodu-fishbulb

    Sand Duning

    just once.... with a road tyre on the back it was .... well.... once through the dunes (about 1km of talc like sand) we rode 25 km along the wet sand to the exit point.... (about 1.5 km of talc again) that dr felt like a fat old harley by the end of the day. http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c381/jamodu-fishbulb/DSCF0003test.jpg
  4. jamodu-fishbulb

    any1 from australia

    sydney here.... dr 650 too....
  5. jamodu-fishbulb

    fuel econ and jetting questions...

    economy is at its worst in city traffic for me... i do most of my riding at low speed in traffic, i wouldnt say im wot att the time but often enough to be considered a bit of a hoon.... does engine braking effect economy??
  6. jamodu-fishbulb

    fuel econ and jetting questions...

    thats the kind of economy im hoping to get to.... the previous owner told me it was stock execpt for the Q1 slip on... however ive since discovered the airbox mods + paper filter and an aftermarket idle screw (i think) ill wait till the weekend to try looking at the jet and see what happens... i asked at a mc shop on friday what a jet was worth and the guy told me $200.. panicing i went to a suzuki dealer and he told me $9... pays to ask around eh??? cheers for all the responses guys...
  7. jamodu-fishbulb

    fuel econ and jetting questions...

    is it possible to tell what jet size it already has??
  8. jamodu-fishbulb

    fuel econ and jetting questions...

    if tis already running rich wont these 2 things compound the problem????
  9. jamodu-fishbulb

    fuel econ and jetting questions...

    my manual says... http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c381/jamodu-fishbulb/jetdata.jpg EDIT: there shoud be a picture there..... Grrrr
  10. jamodu-fishbulb

    fuel econ and jetting questions...

    im running 14-41 gearing... i found 15-41 just too tall to be practical off road... i did wonder how accurate my speedo was but i did a 700km ride with a gs1150 and our total ride distance was within a few % of each other.... i think it has had carb work done because it has the adjustable idle screw.with the paper filter its running rich and backfires like nothing else, its actually embarassing to ride in town because everybody looks up.... if i add the foam filter it will be running even richer!! yikes. does anyone know how easy it is to install a main jet???
  11. jamodu-fishbulb

    fuel econ and jetting questions...

    hey folks.... ive got a 98 dr650 and im only getting 15km / litre (thats 35mpg in old money). its had the airbox opened (paper filter) and a Q1 muffler fitted. if i go to a foam filter and a 140 jet will my fuel economy improve?? how easy is it to change a mainjet?? im setting the bike up for a trip around the bottom half of australia (12,000km) and need better fuel economy and dust protection... cheers fish
  12. jamodu-fishbulb

    Aqualine tank mounting

    lol... seems like theres a few of us heading out that way... im setting up a 12000 km transcontinental for next year, and we are planning a couple of test rides out that way!! have fun guys!
  13. jamodu-fishbulb

    DR 650 14t counter sprocket, one that fits?

    anyone know where to gat one in australia.... ive ordered at 2 different motorcycle shops and im still waiting 2 months later.... customer service in this country sucks!
  14. jamodu-fishbulb

    Wombeyan Caves, NSW. Australia

    *ill explain the fishbulb in person.... * im in sydney... we should still hook up for a ride sometime.... i too am a cruiser.
  15. jamodu-fishbulb

    Wombeyan Caves, NSW. Australia

    ummmm im out on wed... ive gotta work. where are you ? weekends are my only time....