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  1. Is your friend located in the U.S. because I see that you have Japan as your location and shipping would kill me but if he is in the states then maybe we can work on a price.
  2. Sorry forgot to tell every1 that I need the oem forks so sorry to the guys trying to sell the bbr. This bike is for my son and hes too small for the bbr's.
  3. Do they have the lower oem spring holders in them and how much do you want for them? Also I live in Hawaii so shipping might be higher.
  4. I did but no noe is selling right now. So I thought I would try here.
  5. Im looking for a complete front forks for a crf50 or the lower spring holders.
  6. Any1 got the lower spring holders for sale or where I can get these, does not have to be OEM? The dealer said that I would have to buy the hole lower part of the forks to just to get the these 2 parts and thats $83 each side.
  7. Funny you should say that I did just that but I guess he dident know what he was looking at, tomorrow I will try another dealer.
  8. That would suck because I have everything but those pieces.
  9. Ok guy need some help here why does it not show on the parts diagram the number or name of the lower spring holder? They show the top one and call it a holder spring upper.
  10. Has any1 tryed this simple wiring harness that Hooper Imports sells? I tryed clicking on there link but it says that the product is not avalable. Also Im building my 50 from the ground up and only have what came with the lifan engine that I bought and the cut off switch do I need anything else to make the engine work?
  11. Cool thanks for the info.
  12. Do the forks on a 50 need oil or are they just packed with grease?
  13. Does any1 know where I can find fork internals mostly damping rod. I dont want to spend $72 each for new ones.
  14. Thanks for the info.
  15. Are the brake shoes on a 04 the same as a 05?