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  1. Kaneatious

    Exhaust swap

    If you use the entire system, all the XR600 pipes available will fit every year of the XR600. I have a stainless system purchased used from a 98 on my 85.
  2. Kaneatious

    XR 600 questions

    Actually, the entire line of XR600 plastics will swap over. My 85 XR600 is done up with 2000 model seat, tank, and side covers. The ONLY difference was the seat bolts. One side was about an inch forward than the original. I made a small aluminum plate to make up the difference. I can say that you will need to get all of the body as the parts don't swap out any other way. By the way, the only difference in the airbox is the carb boots. The side cover fits perfect with no problem or wrestling with it.
  3. Kaneatious

    xr 600r smoking

    Same thing happened to me last year. Tore it down and discovered the piston wrist pin clip had dropped out. Don't know how, don't know why. Sure as hell tore up the cylinder wall though cause I just kept riding it for a couple more monthes since I planned on a complete rebuild anyway..