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    Dirt In Float Bowl Drain Plug

    I have had the same issue for a couple of months now. I have silt and small particles in the carby bowl drain nut. I clean it and it runs fine for about 30 minutes then splutters, sure enough, the drain nut has dirt in it again. I have had a mate (part time bike mechanic) tearing his hair out so far. I have tried the following: 1. Put in aftermarket fuel filter 2. New air filter 3. Used only fuel from pump 4. Cleaned tank, and checked filter 5. Sealed air filter, airbox, carby inlets. 6. Checked for cracks in the carby breather hoses. I am going riding this weekend, and will be sticking the carby breather hoses in some lightly oiled foam to act as a fliter to see if the dirt is getting in the hoses. Maybe there is a vacuum created which is sucking dirt up the breater hose, but I don't understand what would cause this. Hopefully someone can come to the rescue as I'm sure my bore is not appreciating the abuse! Cheers