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  1. darren12264

    Oil Pressure after Overhaul

    you can pack the pump gears with grease. works great.
  2. darren12264

    New transmission gears, whirring sound (93 XR600)

    maybe your cluch is slipping with all that new low end torque.
  3. darren12264

    Bad crash

    tuck and roll
  4. simon, you are the man. thats wild dude. thanks for sharing.
  5. darren12264

    Another Tire ?

    Hey What Kind Of Tires Should I Get For My 1997 Xr 650 L. My Riding Will Be About 50/50. They Must Be D.o.t. Approved. Any Help Would Be Great. Thank You.
  6. darren12264

    1997 xr 650l ?

    well i picked the bike up today. i got it for 2 grand. this thing is as clean as a whistle. it was not owned by a young punk it was owned by a 50 year old dude that says he maintained it very well. oil changed every 400 t0 500 miles. it is bone stock. i mean stock. i am so happy. thanks for the help. p.s. what mods should be first.
  7. darren12264

    m.s.r.p. ???

    i find it hard to believe that the dealers don't make much off of the sale of a new bike. in 2002 i bought a new Suzuki quad, the dealer by me wanted 6700 plus tax. i ended up getting the quad from another dealer farther away for 5454.00. thats a savings of 1250 bucks. plus i didn't have to pay tax cause i bought it in P.A.
  8. darren12264

    m.s.r.p. ???

    i am considering buying a new xr 650l. msrp is like 5700 . my question is how much if any can i expect to get off the msrp. im kinda torn between buying new or used.
  9. darren12264

    1997 xr 650l ?

    i have a chance to buy a 1997 xr650l for 2500.00 bucks. it has 8000 miles on it and is in very good condition and has been very well maintained. what is the value of this bike, and how many miles can i expect to get out of it. thank you.