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  1. I'll do that thanks, Jason
  2. Buddy of mine had his ignition/charging rotor come apart and cause a bunch of problems. I pulled my WR 01' apart same thing, its a two piece riveted part and the rivets waller out eventually shearing off. I have searched this with no luck, sounds like a common problem. Just curious if anyone knows of an updated part or had the same problem.
  3. No way, we have several 450's that run at the local dragstrip and 14.00 to 14.90 is the best ive seen them run including mine, low 12's would take severe mods.
  4. Its a WR 2001 model, it was pretty easy to get the clutch off think ill try the spacer clutch fix while im in there. Thanks
  5. Anyone broke their kick start shaft off, I did and was curious if anyone new the part number, and if you have to pull the clutch basket.http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/newthread.php# Cry
  6. I noticed the same thing with my new 05' WR 450. Like a chatter with the clutch out in neutral.