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  1. Wyoming

    Looking for some to go riding in Upton. I'm in Gillette, would be nice to share gas expenses and have someone there in case I smack a tree or impale my self on a branch.
  2. Buy some old plastic to put on your bike. If it's new it won't be for long.
  3. Wyoming

    Pmed you.
  4. Wyoming

    Well? Was it open?
  5. Wyoming

    Do you ever ride Upton? If so give me a call.
  6. Just say no to training wheels! Start my oldest on pw 50 with training wheels and am convinced if they can't ride a bicycle without trainers they have no business on a motorcycle. My second son wasn't allowed to ride the "real" motorcycle till he could ride his bike first. When he did I got him a Razor electric motorcycle. You can ride those just about anywhere there's room. We did a lot of riding at the park. This is him just after his 4th birthday. My vote is for electric. The Razor or if you have the cash, the Oset.
  7. Wyoming

    Let me know if you find anything, Casper's not to far from me I come ride with you.
  8. Wyoming

    Looking for people to ride with.
  9. Looks like I'll be spending the winter around the Missoula area. Can't afford snow machine. Anyone know where some ice racing action might be?
  10. What years were these bikes the same?
  11. That was my first thought. Then I thought it might be the piston return spring.
  12. Bike starts when cold, no problem. After it's warmed up you have to start it at full throttle. I've cleaned and checked carb. Plug looks good. Any ideas?
  13. If you were to camp at a track, Motogrande in Casa Grande would be the track. It stays open from dawn to dusk. They have a kids track, oval track and some trails around it. Since it's open all day there are times no big bikes are on the mx track, perfect time to take the wee ones out on it. For Dad, the MX track is more technical in nature, lots of jumpin' to be had. It's been 2 years since we've been there so I can't tell you if any thing has changed. ACP has a 50/pitbike track and the old school MX track is good for the kids as well. My son also likes the mini track at Speedworld.
  14. My son started racing his PW50 at 5yrs old. He did pretty well till he start nailing the jumps. They tend to get beat up at the steering head when the kids start jumping them. They are good enough for the beginner races. If he takes to racing, as my son did, a better suspended bike should be in his immediate future. As for riding on the track with him I'd ask the track he's going to race at. In my experience there is usually enough parents standing around to help and they do help.
  15. Try Chantix. Chewed for 15+ years been quit for going on 2 months now. It works.