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  1. mxmx0606yzf

    tried MXA's fork tip

    took the forks off and turned them upside down, let the oil pour into a measuring container...it comes out very slow so its pretty easy to do...
  2. mxmx0606yzf

    Yoshimura rs4 or fmf 4.1 for 2010

    I have had both bikes and if i remember correctly the fmf muffler will actually bolt up on a 2010, leaving you only a head pipe to purchase...you may want to look into that somewhat and save some $$ but i too have only heard good things on the yoshi
  3. mxmx0606yzf

    YZ250F do I big bore or don't bother

    im in the same boat with you, i run our vet +30b/c class and its tough to get a good start on a pack of 450's, occasionaly i will get a good jump and start in the top 3 or 4 but not if the soil is deep...I have thought it over and over about what to do and the big bore is tempting...ive also thought about cams pipes etc....but most likely a KTM 350 will be my answer, i hate to mod out my yamaha and loose the money/durability just to make it run closer to a 450 and still not run like a 450...at least with the KTM its setup from the factory to run with the big bikes, and i know it not as fast as a 450 obviously but i think it has the same amount of "usuable power" as a 450 for anyone in the vet b/c class that i run
  4. mxmx0606yzf

    Engine Oil ?

    if your happy with the yamalube then just run it, but yes you can switch to full syn anytime you want, and you can switch back later too no problems, some car oils are probably not recommended, some non-motorcycle specific oil work great...personally i have used rotella 15-40 since 2006 in my 250f's and been very pleased and it has a Jaso-ma certification now too
  5. mxmx0606yzf

    Sprocket help! top end/bottom end speed

    im sure the tranny switch could be done but i would guess it would be a whole lot of work for not a huge amount of gain, some of the wr guys can probably tell you more specifics on it is the other bike stock? it sounds like theres something done to one of them because from the factory they should be pretty close in terms of top speed and acceleration even gearing...wish i had a better answer but in all truth the honda shouldnt be much faster than the yamaha or vice versa if both bikes are stock and both in proper operating condition
  6. mxmx0606yzf

    Sprocket help! top end/bottom end speed

    How fast are you wanting this bike to go? It sounds like you already have the proper gearing for top speed, the motocross bikes arent really designed for top speed, they are meant to go from 5mph to 30mph back to 5 mph really fast over and over...I think most mx bikes will run around 60-70 mph or so from the factory....if your needing something much faster than that you may want to look into a bike thats setup for it from the factory, changing the sprockets will only do so much
  7. mxmx0606yzf

    tried MXA's fork tip

    I should add, if you are over 160lbs and lower the oil you will most likely need to stiffen up the compression. I think I ended up going around 4 click stiffer
  8. mxmx0606yzf

    tried MXA's fork tip

    I followed MXA's advice on reducing the wicked mid-stroke spike on my 2010 yz forks..they recommend removing 20cc of oil from each fork leg to help get rid of the harshness. Well after a year of slap downs that felt like they jarring the s**t out of me, i tried it and wow did it work, I only wish I woulda tried this sooner. The fork will compress much more progressive and not have that hit in the middle, it has made me able to ride harder longer and has made the fork settle down when entering corners like it should Anyone who still has the stock setup on their 10 or 11 you know the harshness im talking about, give it a try I think you be happy with the results....and best of all its easy and FREE!!
  9. ive had that issue before, the pilot circuit straightened it out for the most part...jetting adjustments are necessary most of the time, even when the seasons change and the temp raises/lowers....you will be surprised how much better your bike can run with proper jetting....the factory jetting is deff not spot on, its ok but can be improved greatly
  10. mxmx0606yzf

    Air filter tear

    i have used super glue on them before and it works fine, but at 50 hrs on the original filter I would toss it and get a new one no doubt....a twin air will run you about $25 or a ready filter about $12...thats what id do
  11. Just like the title says, im putting a set of hotcams in my 10 yz thats got 44 hours on it...Im thinking i might as well replace the cam chain while im in there, sound about right? ive keep very good maitenence on the oil/air filter so I think i will let the piston/rings go another 20-30 hours still yet...it should be good for 60-75 hours right??
  12. I have been a huge fan of MXA for years and still love the bike and product tests they do, but it seems like they are slacking to keep the webiste on par with some of the others. Every time I get on there they have re-posted some old test from a year or two ago like its new. I bet i've noticed the Dunlop MX51 test on top of the page 3 times over the last 2 years, its like they are trying to make it seem like it new again or something. They seem to be struggling to find anything worthwhile to put on the website, right now there is about 6 random videos and 3 of them are not really about mx...theyre reaching pretty far with some of the features and the video content is seriously lacking compared to the good stuff thats out there right now...i dunno but i wish they would step up and have more update content anyone else notice this?
  13. mxmx0606yzf

    is the WR right for me

    congrats on buying a Yamaha! You'll love the motor and the motors bullet proof durability...plus the accesories for that bike are endless..good luck! do the free mods listed above and look at buying a slip on, it doesnt have to be a pc or fmf $$$ one, just a decent brand will really perk it up
  14. mxmx0606yzf

    BEST recommended pads

    the front brake on my '10 was weak, then in a crash i bent it, so i replaced it with a $30 or $35 Tusk brand rotor with the stock pads...it was a very noticeable improvement, even with semi worn-out pads...I also got the $16 Tusk brand pads for it and they too are a good improvement over OEM so for approx $50 I got a very solid front brake set up, and glad i did cause i was about to waste $275 on a oversized kit I dunno if its the "stongest possible" but I'd bet it'll do the job and then some
  15. I dunno if it was the camera work or if they are really that far off the pace of the ama natl's but holy cow it was like watching the B class at your local track...from what i got from it any of our top 30 guys could go over there and compete if not win...i was just surprised by it really, maybe its just me but watching this makes me realize just how good our guys really are Did anyone else notice this? heres a link http://motocrossactionmag.com/Main/News/SEE-IT-NOW-HOW-AKIRA-NARITA-WON-THE-2011-ALLJAPAN-8439.aspx