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    KTM 350 XC-F (2015)


  2. silversurf

    KTM 350 XC-F 2015

  3. silversurf

    Erzberg Rodeo 2014 - travel tips

    I'm looking at going as a spectator for Erzberg 2014 (will be in Munich around that time for work so taking the weekend if I can and driving down Fri-Mon). Looking for tips/info on: * Places to stay? most of the town is booked by now of course & I won't be camping, so any decent/close by ski areas or towns with nice hotel/guest house/rooms? (I'll probably have a car rental) - I found one room at the JUFA Eisenerzer - anyone know of this place? it's 10min up the hill from the town, so not bad. * Access to race/site - I likely will only be able to go Fri/Sat/Sun (mostly Sat/Sun) - what are the best options for attending as a spectator in terms of where to be at the race site, seeing various events, etc.? Other tips or info worth knowing? Feel free to reply or PM me. Thanks! Colin
  4. silversurf

    24 Hour race reports, pics and everything else

    every lap I noticed that :-)
  5. silversurf

    24 Hour race reports, pics and everything else

    Ya, Kevin I saw your bike and another guy going for it in the AM and remember asking myself how you guys had that kind of energy left :-) I don't recall the number of the other bike, but I did see your 161i go by. As an IM last year as well, I was just happy the weather worked out this year, I just don't think I could have taken a mud race again. That was epic soil out there and some the best conditions I've ever had at Starvation Ridge. Colin 144i
  6. silversurf

    24hrs of Starvation Ridge

    IM again this year. Just praying for minimal rain this time I don't know if my bike (or myself) can take another one of those like last year :-)
  7. silversurf

    June 18th Team Tortoise HS @ Burnt Ridge

    Hey Rob, I can't recall from last year does it open Fri for camping? or only 7a sat? thanks colin
  8. silversurf

    Shelton Valley Enduro

    Ya, Great event and what an awesome day to go riding! Thanks to PSER and all the volunteers and the MMK school for allows us to be there.
  9. silversurf

    24hr results and random thoughts

    Agree! I really liked the course layout this year, it felt more "smooth" and flowing (at least the first two laps were smooth ;-). Great work and appreciate all the effort of everyone involved in the event.
  10. Awesome! My 800mg of suck it up wore off at the 12hr mark after my 5th lap when my arms and groin muscles started to cramp from trying to control the bike in 1st gear in fog while it squirrelled all over the place (and picking the thing up every 10 minutes when I'd crash). After that 3hr lap, I was shaking from wet and fatigue by the end ofof it. So I stopped, I ate, helped the other teams in the pit, ate again and slept a little bit. Once dawn came and the rain quit I got energized again (man Hammer endurance fuels wind you up!) and did my 6th lap. Great lap, almost as good as the first one because I could now see all the good lines (esp through the rocks) plus felt more comfortable going criss cross over the ruts. This lasted until mile 20 or so when I came around one of the fence post corners near the barn and ran over a wad of barbed wire sitting in the main line rut. It wrapped around my axle and promptly stopped my bike and booted me straight over the bars. Luckily it was a sharp corner so I was going relatively slow and just getting on the pipe. It took me 20 or 25 minutes to unwind it from my bike. Not one rider passed me during this time (I was hoping someone might have a leatherman with nippers on them). No big harm tho, got going again, but winded. Congrats to everyone who ran this guantlet. I wished I could have done more miles/laps as that was the race I physically and mentally trained for (you know the dry one with dust), but in hindsight it was pretty damn fun and a good challenge to have to adjust my plans and try to keep going. I feared my bike blowing up out there as I boiled the radiators each lap within a couple miles, hoping the damage is mild. Am afraid to look at it. It sits there mocking me as I type this.... (this was lap 6's accumulation and previous we had even scraped between each lap)
  11. heh, it's like a really fast barber shop quartet
  12. I met the 2nd place guy on my morning lap and he was wiped. We stopped at one of the nasty up/down chicane hill sections and he said he'd ridden all night and was on his 9th lap but wasn't sure if he could make it. I think he stopped at check 2 (not sure tho) and was done. Ben was (is) an animal. He looked so tired this morning, but certainly a big achievement. colin
  13. silversurf

    Weather for the 24hr looks interesting.

    agree. I did 6 laps as IM and that was the hardest 170 miles I've ever done in my life. Lap one and two wasn't bad, but it went downhill quickly from there. It was interesting to watch the course just disintegrate in to goo. As I mentioned to Rob's post my morning lap was actually good because I could see the in/out lines and run without worry of smashing rock because I drifted too far in fog or something. I stopped at the 12hr mark after my 5th lap when I dropped the bike so many times I couldn't pick it up any more, took my over 2.75hrs to do that lap. Thank god for steering stabilizers. I felt good at dawn tho once I rested and am kicking myself for not doing two laps once the rain broke and sun came up instead of procrastinating and only getting one. Ah well.
  14. silversurf

    Weather for the 24hr looks interesting.

    I had a great morning lap. Wasn't going fast, just being conservative and picking good lines (largely outside the muddy ones) and taking time to pick the hill lines out. I started out pretty slow and easy, then got faster after check 1. No rain or fog and fresh clothes made it feel like a different race course than the one at night.
  15. silversurf

    Logging Damage Lawsuit

    farmers have been getting it for years...and new rules are just going to make it harder. Wait until everyone has to be "organic", we'll have some of the most unproductive farms in the world... http://www.dtnprogressivefarmer.com/dtnag/common/link.do;jsessionid=805BC2DC9E0001B6E15B037B1B73DB59.agfreejvm2?symbolicName=/ag/blogs/template1&blogHandle=inothermedia&blogEntryId=8a82c0bc2a8c8730012b306444b307f3