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  1. Honda rider7

    Rear brake is riding

    I tried it and that was not the problem the sliders were tho I took it apart, cleaned it all and its good as new. Thanks for the input.
  2. Honda rider7

    Rear brake is riding

    Like you mean the spacers on the hub right?
  3. Honda rider7

    Rear brake is riding

    hey, Im kinda new to this thumpertalk thing. But Im having the same problem on my 06 yz250f, I took the rear wheel off to grease all the bearings in the rear of the bike, and when I put it back together my rear wheel was dragging alot! And I cant seem to figure out the problem and any advice you guys could give me would be a great help. Ps it was working awsome before.
  4. Honda rider7

    need advise! plz help

    Okay heres the thing I got about 2,000 to spend on my 2006 YZ250F and I dont know what to buy that will give me the most horse power for how much Im spending. Okay Ive thought about an after market exaust but what one the White Bro's, Pro circuit Ti-4, FMF, Dr.D... what do I get and what will give me the most power??? or is there something else I can do that will give me more power for real cheap so that I can still get a pipe... help plz...
  5. Honda rider7

    Need input on a CRF250R

    Ok, Im looking at a 2004 CRF250R, and I was just wondering if anyone has heard anything bad or good about this bike, its a rele clean bike but I have heard that rebuilding the engins on the things a pian to do. If u have heard anything plz tell me!