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  1. mongoose31

    07 cr125

    Ive been meaning to post my results for awhile now. When I picked up my 07(leftover) at the dealer they fired it up for me and I could tell it was going to foul like everyone said and it did as soon as I rode it around the house. I didnt even bother taking it to the track. The next day I set the float even with carb base put it on second clip changed the jets to a 50 and a 410 air screw at 1 3/4 turns. Then mixed the fuel at 36:1 with motul 2t and put in a autolite 4062 from autozone. I set the idle not high but so it will run on its own. The thing rips and never fouls I only change the plug when I feel like it. Id say it is a combination of all these things with an emphasis on the float height. maybe this will help
  2. mongoose31

    are 46mm kyb's bladder forks?

    Thanks for the reply mog. Every time I walk into my garage I envision my cr front end on the kxf. I geuss the only way to find out is to try. whats the saying? an idle mind is the devils playground!. The reason I say this is I have had 0 problems with the cr's 46 kyb's and on my kx its either the front end is tweaked or the fork seals are leaking. plus I just cant seem to acheive that plush feel when the bike just goes down equally like its well balanced the honda does this right out of the crate. so its either get rid of the rubber cones and a revalve or do some grafting and make a frankenbike.
  3. are the 46mm kyb's on my cr125(07') bladder forks? are the 48mm kyb's found on a 04-05 kx250f basically the same only larger? I ask because I love the forks on my cr and I have a 06 kx250f and was wondering if I could swap out the front end. Just an idea I'm not a major flyer and prefer to have a simalar feel as my cr. thanks Doug
  4. Just thought I'd update you on my bog problem it was the acellerator pump I think the carb gummed up from sitting. Cleaned out carb one last time and bingo. I had to focus on the spray nozzle with compressed air it was clogged just enough to screw the bike up. I also wired the linkage while I was at it and the results are awsome it just will not stumble at all no matter how hard you stab the throttle. (recomend it takes 2 seconds) one question does anybody know if it's possible to swap front ends from 06 to 05 or vise versa I know I'll get clobbered for this but I would like to put the kyb's on my 06 (250f) I have a cr125 with 46 mm kyb and love it so I figured id put the 48mm kyb on my 250f. thanks Doug
  5. would a damaged slide o-ring cause a bog. Inoticed today it was wrinkled and oversized didnt seem to fit on the plate without haning out. im going to change it just wondering what effect it has on things cause i dont know if it got messed up from using carb clean last time or if it can fail on its own over time. its off a 06 kx250f thanks Doug
  6. mongoose31

    06 kx250f question about a bog?

    I finally got back around to taking the carb apart. I have my own handyman buss and it has been busy! Thanks for the ideas. I opened up the accelarator pump like Pr1malR8gw had said and found very minute of dirt cleaned it up and the diaphram looks to be ok but im going to change it anyway. Then I preceeded to take the slide out because T-unit had mentioned the oring. I noticed the oring wrinkled and sticking out a bit and a closer look showed me that it's just was way to big not seating at all around the plate. Im going to get a new one and pray that this has been my problem. Since it seemed to get progressively worse over time maybe it was the oring on its way out. what do you think that probably cause some stumbleing? thanks again Doug
  7. mongoose31

    06 Falls on its face, bad throttle responce

    Hey warmachine, I have an 06 and your problem is identical to mine Ive checked all the same things you have. please give an update if you have any luck fixing it. Ive just been riding my cr125 in the meantime since im stumped. I figured id leave it for the winter its got 48 hours on it and was contimplating an overhaul athough i suspect it doesnt need it. Im going to look again for an air leak.
  8. mongoose31

    picked up an 07' cr125 leftover

    http://i493.photobucket.com/albums/rr297/mongoosecr125/cr1.jpg last try if it doesnt work well you all know what a stock 07 is
  9. mongoose31

    picked up an 07' cr125 leftover

    Hope the link works im trying to learn how to post pics here. I paid 3995 otd had to drive to long island but it was worth it I didnt have to pay tax and it was a grand less than my local stealership. Didnt get to ride it cause of the rain here but should make it out this week. I belong to a club thats 20 mins away from my house (milford riders) and have access to the track every day till 10:00 pm wich is pretty awsome. took a while to become a member but hey when you live in ct. it was worth the wait theres no place to ride here. I ended up getting motul 800 and im running it at 32:1. Thumper talk is great you get a lot of questions answered and in most cases cuts out alot of trial and error.
  10. mongoose31

    picked up an 07' cr125 leftover

    My ride for the past two years has been a 06 kawi 250f but after riding my buddies 04 125 I decided to get one for myself cause it was so much more fun. I really believe honda makes the best bikes. this thing just feels so comfortable compared to the kawasaki. Its really an apples to oranges comparason but my decision was based on how I felt or ergonomics I should say. Very pleased the quick starting, light feel,wheelies,less maitanance. All this said and I havent even been to the track yet as I just got it tuesday! Just made some jetting changes last night and seems to have helped a lot I went with a 40 pilot,second clip,410 main,2 turns and made a slight adjustment on the float. I had to this thing was just a loading up so bad and was like a smoke bomb in the neiborhood. I have a 69 needle should I put it in?? Hope to get out to the track sun to test it out. I better buy a cover for the kx to keep the dust off it !!
  11. mongoose31

    Wiseco pistons

    I was skeptical myself when I put a piston in my buddys 04 cr125. I didnt want to bugar it up either but it wasn't that bad. The 04 has the split ex bridge plus it was a weisco gp style piston with no cutouts. use the recomended drill bit then use one thats a few sizes bigger to chamfer the edges. If i remember the directions tell you all about lining up the holes behind the bridge with the jug on and a pencil. I used a benchtop drill press with a small vise adapter on it. I didnt clamp the piston but opened the vise enough to cradle the piston with a rag under it. I went out and bought a couple new quality drill bits for just this. a mint bit will reduce chances of a mess up. good luck
  12. mongoose31

    cr125 euro model silencers ?

    Just wondering I was looking at some 06-07 cr's on bikepics.com and the muffler looks a bit more substantial than the us models. I really like the look of it and wonder if it works more like a fmf Q. Is it possible to get one? through a honda dealer or anywhere? thanks Doug
  13. mongoose31

    06 kx250f question about a bog?

    I purchased the bike new has 45hrs on it. Always maintained and valves in spec starts 1st or second kick as it did when new but lately has "developed" a bog seemed to progress over the last few rides. Even a slow rumble to life. I have since parked it cause I had a couple stumbles on track (I could make it stall exiting a corner wich never use to happen)and it is clearly noticeable when blipping the thottle. I can blip it right into a stall wich never used to happen either. I tried 2 new plugs and cleaned the carb plus new gas and imedeitly got the same result. My question is where should I focus my attn for this ? its bone stock jetting and fuel screw set as new and has run flawlessly untill now. Any mechanical reasons such as piston valves ignition or should I stick to the carb ? can a bike wear itself into needing some jetting changes? sorry for long question but I know you guys need details thanks Doug oh yea my hot start plunger is fine.
  14. mongoose31


    06 250f 40 hours and counting on rotella. At first I was running to wallmart every now and then to buy a gallon or 2 but recently at bj's wholesale came across a case even more savings and been working off that for a while. I learned about this oil from thumpertalk a week before buying my bike.
  15. mongoose31

    Suspicious dirtbike death in Wilton CT

    howruct your post is a bunch of erellivent nonsence. I'm also from Wilton and have ridden since I was 7 years old. Your comments about the town its police and other insidents from years past have nothing to do with what has happend here. Its one sided for a reason and someone needs to be punished for what they did. Dont be a sissy and complain about the other posts. If you were a true motorcyclist you would only be outraged at what happend!!