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  1. gateman1

    Kfx400 vs 250's

    I have both, the bike will win every time... I raced a RMZ250 and kx250f and got beat by both, I caught back up near top end, but WAY TOO much mass to compete with bikes...
  2. gateman1

    Favorite Graphics brand?

    XGX graphics, very wild:thumbsup:
  3. I am in the minority here on this site, due to the fact I have more seat time on my quads, than my blikes:prof: So, I know alot about quads.. I would say if she will like a clutch, the Suzuki Z-400 (Kawasaki KFX 400) is a great all around quad ( I have one!!) or If she wants the "easy" route, go with the 2x4 version of the wolverine 450, several of the lady riders in our atv club have one and they love them:applause: I think wolverines look aggresive and they also have a "detuned 450".... And of course the ole, tried-in-true Honda 300ex, it would be the cheapest of all All of the above are electric start....
  4. gateman1

    ec300 hp output?

    50.6 hp according to the manual for my 05'wild300 quad.... same exact motor as ec300 for the bikes:prof:
  5. gateman1

    premix ratio for GasGas 300

    what ratio are you guys running?? I read on one of the sites 80:1, is this correct??? My ktm runs 50:1