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  1. Sure, I own land....in the city of Madison. The dogs have the yard pretty messed up, but I don't think my wife will approve of riding dirt bikes in the back yard
  2. usmkehnc

    Snow ride

    Here is more info on the park http://www.co.clark.wi.us/ClarkCounty/Departments/forestryparks/RecTrails/knobby.asp Looks like fun.
  3. I'm way new to off road riding, but willing to give it a shot. I live in Madison, and often wonder about local places to ride as well. I know there is a large area to ride in Jackson County, roughly two hours from Madison. I have a Husqvarna TE410E. Chris
  4. usmkehnc

    Which GPS???

    Where did you get one for $390? Thanks in advance.
  5. usmkehnc

    Tachometer not working TE410E

    I got motivated and took the tachometer apart last night. I found a capacitor that broke off of the circuit board inside. I ordered a new capacitor...well ten because they were cheap and came in a bag of ten...and hopefully the tach will work again when I get a new capacitor soldered in. I love inexpensive fixes.
  6. All, I have a 2000 TE410E and when I got on to ride today the tach wasn't working. Can anyone point me in the right direction to get it working again? Perhaps a wiring diagram or something? Best, Chris
  7. My shiny, not so new 2000 TE410E also has the small bulb. In the E-code lights that I have on my car, the small lamp is called a city light, and is used in conjunction with parking lights we have in the USA so the headlights are visible, but not really lighting anything. I just bought my bike, and noticed that city light comes on in the key position past start. I don't know if the bike runs in that position or not.
  8. usmkehnc

    TE410E Purchase ?

    Thanks Charlie! That is all I wanted to know.
  9. usmkehnc

    TE410E Purchase ?

    I'm in the process of working out a deal with a friend of mine for a 2000 or 2001 TE410E. It is the year with the dual pipes, and I don't really know if that really matters. Anyway, the bike is nearly perfect, has never been off road, and has roughly 1300 miles on it. My friend is crazy meticulous with his things, and he is asking $2800. Does this sound like a fair price? I'm pretty excited to get the bike, but I want to make sure the price seems fair. I think I would eventually like to get some motard wheels for it and use it for a short commute in the city. Roughly 20 minutes/10 miles one way, with no extended highway duty or anything like that. The bike is already registered in the state for street use, so that is a non-issue. Thanks for your opinions. This is a great site! Chris