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  1. JoeP

    Rear Preload Adjustment?

    Okay, I need to crank up my rear preload and bought the fancy little spanner tool thingee.....but don't see a clear shot to the adjuster rings. What is the easiest thing to remove to get to the adjuster? It looks like a toss up between the airbox and the inner fender liner at the back wheel. Opinions? Thanks, Joe
  2. JoeP

    Help A Big Newbie With Dr650 Questions

    The good news is that once you get past the class and into real world riding you'll never need to do a figure 8 in a box painted on the pavement. Joe
  3. JoeP

    Help A Big Newbie With Dr650 Questions

    I was thinking the same thing. If he thinks a 250 is quick he should take my ZZR1200 for a spin. Or....maybe not. Joe
  4. JoeP

    Help A Big Newbie With Dr650 Questions

    I saw a black DRZ400SM on The Dragon last week......sweet bike! Joe
  5. JoeP

    Help A Big Newbie With Dr650 Questions

    I'm 5' 10" and 270 (down from 288 when I bought mine) and I stand flat footed. Is the rear spring load cranked up real high? Maybe you just aren't set up for the correct sag? What's your inseam? Mines 32" and the bike doesn't sit any lower now than it did new. Joe
  6. In exactly 10 days I'll be loading a big truck and heading for Johnson City, TN (about 4.5 hours from ya') and we can probably hook up somewhere in the middle. How do you use your DR? I tried mine in the dirt once and until I get some decent rubber under her, she's a street bike. In fact, I haven't decided but I might even go Motard with this thing since I'm not really into the dirt riding thing. I too have a street bike as well (2005 ZZR1200) so maybe we can bring both and do a "Dirt Saturday & Pavement Sunday" ride? Joe
  7. JoeP

    How far do you ride to work?

    I can't see that being a problem. I've ridden mine for over an hour at 80 with no sweat. I'm moving to Johnson City TN and will probably be working in Ashville NC so if you see a fat guy on a blue '06 DR it's probably me. Joe
  8. JoeP

    Quad 400 suggestions

    I have an '05 Suzuki Z400 which is for sale, see the For Sale forum. I've had zero problems with it (only ridden maybe 8 times) and wouldn't sell it if I wasn't moving. One word of caution is she hasn't ridden much.....it's a lot of quad. I've GPS'd mine over 70 and I don't know if it would be a great starter quad.... Joe
  9. JoeP

    Get Drilled (Stock exhaust Mods)

    I've never heard a dixie chipper so the comparison is lost on me but after putting in the jet kit last night, along with K&N, open air box and drilling the carb slide my bike definitely went from DR Jekyl to DR Hyde. On the way home I stopped at the local bike night and actually received compliments on how the bike sounds. I also did my first power wheelie on the bike just by going into 2nd and hammering the throttle, no clutch and no tug....the wheel came off the ground by about a foot. That's not small feat with my formidable (270lb) girth in the saddle and I'm certain that first gear wheelies will come easily....possibly too easliy.... Joe
  10. JoeP

    Major Seat Improvement- $12!!!

    Yes, 1" total. I glued the first layer and trimmed it to fit (it's easy to trim from the bottom with the seat upside down) then glued the second layer on and trimmed it as well. I cut the layers to sit flush and follow the same taper as the seat so the second layer is just a hair smaller (maybe 1/16" to 1/8") than the first and it doesn't wrap at all. The seat looks dead stock. You can not tell for a second that it was modified...until you sit on it of course. Joe
  11. JoeP

    Anyone Take Their DR To Work?

    I ride mine to work all the time. We don't have any security but asking the Warehouse Manager nicely netted me a parking spot in the warehouse out of the prying eyes of possible thieves. Parking it in there with a disc lock as a layer of piece-of-mind and good insurance as a failsafe let me park it and not worry about it. The only problem with riding it to work is the morning goes by so sloooowly. "Is it lunch time yet so I can go for a noon ride? Is it lunch time yet? Is it lunchtime yet? Huh? Is it?" Joe
  12. JoeP

    FMF pipe wanted!!!

    a14victory is selling one. I had thought about buying it from him but backed out after taking a drill to my stocker. You might want to shoot him a PM and see if it's still available. Joe
  13. JoeP

    Get Drilled (Stock exhaust Mods)

    It sounds great, I rode it about 200 miles today and have zero complaints. When I went through the first bit of metal it sounded a little tinny but after the second punch it now has a deep but mellow tone. Not obnoxious, just sounds like a bigger thumper. I do have some minor popping on decel but even that's not bad and should be sorted out tomorrow when I do the DJ kit and K&N air filter. I think it freed up enough air flow that I can treat the jet kit install as if I had an aftermarket pipe so I don't need to mess with the jetting if and when I do buy a new pipe. I actually quite pleased with the results, which is good because I wasn't too sure about jamming a drill bit down the pipe of a brand new bike. Joe
  14. JoeP

    Major Seat Improvement- $12!!!

    Never even thought to take any. I could shoot a pic of the seat now but it looks like a plain ol' boring stock seat. From outward appearances it looks dead stock. Joe
  15. JoeP

    Get Drilled (Stock exhaust Mods)

    I used a 14" extension and was able to get as far as I wanted to go from the exit end. Wow, that just doesn't sound right. Anyway... Going from the header side would have been impossible due to the curves of the pipe going into the muffler. Using the bit and extension got through the muffler and into the big squarish box thingee. I had assumed that was a catlyzer but if felt empty. I don't know what that thing is now. Joe