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  1. Bike looks clean! Good luck this weekend!
  2. OEM Honda fluids for my 2000 and 2003 as well!
  3. Could you post a photo of it?
  4. Nice build, sounded crispy. Also sounded like Ping liked the bike.
  5. Nice build, thanks for posting.
  6. Someone posted this awhile back. This might help.
  7. Well done, good riding there.
  8. Nice build and there was a cr250 build that was pretty good too! That RM was a nice scooter! Congrats on the new CRF
  9. Tyler Villopoto on his CR250
  10. Great looking bike, congrats!
  11. I saw your post with parts listing on Vital as well. Sad day for sure. You know how to build a bike.
  12. I would hate to see it taken apart. Awesome build and one of the best looking CR250s I have seen.
  13. Great suggestions, thanks! Quick update: I did get a cdi unit for the 2003 cr250. Found an OEM cdi unit on Ebay for the 2000 cr250 but will look around before I purchase that one. Also noticed on ebay there was an aftermarket one available as well.
  14. Looking for a cdi unit for 2000 cr250. Thanks
  15. Great suggestions, thanks!