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  1. When the cylinder is off, take a look at the exhaust bridge for cracks.
  2. jmc02

    02-07 Cr250s Going up

    I might be wrong but it seems that the 02-07 CRs are slowing going up in value for resale. Anyone else noticed?
  3. jmc02

    Mukuni TMX and my divorce...

    Wow, sorry to hear about your mom. Also sucks to hear about the divorce as well. It has to have been a rough few weeks. Like mentioned earlier, if possible hang to the bike. It's a good looking scooter.
  4. jmc02

    1983 Honda CR250R Rebuild

    That sounds like a great weekend, congrats!
  5. jmc02

    1983 Honda CR250R Rebuild

    How did the weekend go?
  6. jmc02

    1983 Honda CR250R Rebuild

    Bike looks clean! Good luck this weekend!
  7. jmc02

    Clutch exploded! Now what?

    OEM Honda fluids for my 2000 and 2003 as well!
  8. jmc02

    03 cr250 cylinder worth anything?

    Could you post a photo of it?
  9. jmc02

    RacerX 2004 CR250r Build

    Nice build, sounded crispy. Also sounded like Ping liked the bike.
  10. Nice build, thanks for posting.
  11. jmc02

    Cr250 parts compatibility over the years

    Someone posted this awhile back. This might help. http://www.oem-cycle.com/HONDACR250BIKEID.shtml
  12. jmc02

    1983 Honda CR250R Rebuild

    Well done, good riding there.
  13. jmc02

    07 CR125 budget build

    Nice build and there was a cr250 build that was pretty good too! That RM was a nice scooter! Congrats on the new CRF
  14. jmc02

    Are 02+ CR250's as bad as they say?

    Tyler Villopoto on his CR250
  15. jmc02

    Finally found my unicorn!!

    Great looking bike, congrats!