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    The "Fat Hippo" utility bike build

    I love this build.

    Major issues with 05 WR450F

    Check the coil out as well. There's a test procedure in the Yamaha manual for it.

    DRZ400 Headlight upgrade?

    I'll second the Cyclops bulbs. I have them in both my WR450F and my FZ1.

    Handlebars for woods riding

    First question should be is she comfortable with the ones on the bike? If they aren't then you need to figure out why.
  5. I have a pair of the Cyclops 3800 bulbs in my FZ1 and love them. I can actually see something at night now. I have one in my WR450 but haven't had it out since installing it.

    XR250R Enduro Project Using the Tusk Kit

    I know this is an old thread but great info on installing a D/S kit on an XR.

    04 450 muffler

    Looking to swap out my stock muffler for an aftermarket piece. I'm looking for one that is as quiet or quieter than the stock with a GYRT insert and much lighter in weight and doesn't cost a fortune.
  8. In the dirt I want as quiet as possible without choking up the bike. On the street I want a little sound but no where near obnoxious. I believe paying attention and staying out of blind spots on the street is much more effective than loud exhaust. I find by the time I hear a bike it would already be to late.

    Alta MX Electric

    I really want one of these in addition to my current bike. Having been in the r/c car hobby and seeing what is possible with batteries, motors and speed controls I'm curious to see what's coming. It would be really cool to be able to adjust the speed control through a smart phone app.
  10. SPLATT

    Help with standing

    I tend to push forward with my legs and feet while leaning forward over the bars.
  11. I keep mine until they catastrophically fail, get wrecked, not worth fixing or start nickel and diming me. My current rig is a 2002 Silverado K2500HD with about 205K miles on the 6.0 and still running strong. Right now it needs the tow haul switch repaired, mirror switch replaced and the a/c recharged. In the past it's had the auto headlight switch replaced, 2 fuel pumps( the first replacement was a cheapo Chinese pump the the sending unit failed) and a washer pump. I'm on my 3rd set of tires and still on the original brakes which will need replacing soon.
  12. SPLATT

    1986 xr 250 help

    Without tearing into it the costs are an unknown til you do. It could be anything from a bit of moisture locking it up to a full blown meltdown. But for $150 and some diligent parts collecting you could have yourself a bike that will last for quite some time.
  13. SPLATT

    Scorpion or EarthX battery?

    I just switched from a lead acid type battery in my WR450 to a Shorai. The lead acid would drain pretty quick if the bike didn't fire on the 1st few tries. I bought a Shorai last winter and installed in the bike. The last time the bike was ran was about 4 years ago and after a few minutes and about a dozen tries to start I realized I left the fuel off, turned on the fuel and a few more cranks later in fired up. The stock lead acid battery would never have lasted that long and left me kicking. Since then I've started it quite a few times without running very long between starts and it just keeps cranking it up.
  14. SPLATT

    1986 xr 250 help

    I'd buy it for $150
  15. SPLATT

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    Looking through this thread really makes me want to build one of these hooligan machines.