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  1. I could understand it better if the truck was a weekend wheeler as well, but the majority barely ever leave the pavement.
  2. supercross

    Honestly I'd rather they run the coverage the next day with time to do better editing and to cut out the fluff between gate drops. Live racing is cool and all but the editing leaves a lot to be desired and with all the downtime to fill it just drags out too much.
  3. supercross

    Not as bad as I thought it was but still not good.
  4. These guys. http://www.dirt-bike-gear.com/
  5. I have been using Spray and Wash laundry soap. I'll hose down and dig out the heavy chunks and let the water drain off and then spray it down with the Spray and Wash and let it soak for a few minutes and the hose it all off. It comes out incredibly clean for how little effort is involved and it's not harsh on the finishes. I usually at least hose as much off as I can after ever ride but not always do a full on cleaning.
  6. supercross

    So far none of the races coverage has been all that good this season. Nothing worse than the replays during the race along with things like the Chad Reed thing, and while they are doing those things you can hear the crowd going nuts in the background. When they come back only to find out you missed what might been a great battle or spectacular crash. I would rather see next day coverage after it's been properly edited or at least enough of a delay to cut the between round garbage and get the best footage on TV. Even though I hated the way ESPNs scheduling of SX and MX the product was much better.
  7. Time for a full rebuild.
  8. I went to MMI's sister school UTI for auto mechanics and wouldn't do it again. What I would have done different would have been to go to a local community college or trade school that had local connections in the local shop community.
  9. Aermacchi from what I remember.
  10. They're happy enough swiping our NOVA funds but god forbid we use the trails we paid for.
  11. I had a 94 YZ250 that had a brutal mid range hit stock that made it a handful to ride in tight woods. I sent my top end off to Eric for a 265 kit and his Mo Betta port work. His work with a couple minor mods made the bike much more ridable with a broader torque curve. The work done didn't necessarily add monster power but changed the characteristics of the power.
  12. Sounds like the accelerator pump is leaking.
  13. Got one ordered. Should have it on Wednesday.
  14. Looks like it's the Cyclops bulb then. Thanks everyone.