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  1. Washington

    That is a feeling alot have, to bad the economy is not going to make it happen. All of this makes me want to support Scott and the OTBG and tracks like his if at all possible.
  2. Washington

    I was lucky enough to ride it on the last day and it was great fun. The guys that own it are very busy with real jobs, and this track was just a lot of work for them to fit in. No matter how bad they wanted it to make it.
  3. Washington

    Things always look flatter and easier in video .
  4. Washington

    I went last Friday, and it is very loose and fun if you like the sandy riding. Lots of cattle and cowpies. Take something to drink and have fun, it is only going to get warmer out there.
  5. Washington

    The last time I stopped there to check it out, I saw a No Trespassing/private property sign. There was a pickup parked there by the sign and they were riding on the hill. Looked like a ticket waiting to happen to me.
  6. Get a new speed control switch so you can turn it down again, and you will be fine. Our 12.5 bike had the switch go out, and it would full throttle. When I called OSET about it they were very helpful. I do notice the more the speed controller is turned down the more on/off the throttle is. Our bike gets wet all the time and I am amazed we had not had more problems. Good luck.
  7. Washington

    Hope everyone is having fun!
  8. Oregon

    I have the pro model so I have complete control on fanning the clutch on the mx track and sand. I would tell you to take your time and try a few different settings and get one you love, takes a little time in the beginning but it is worth it latter. My bike is a 200exc and I have the engagement of the clutch set low rpm. The only bad thing I have ran across is this. When you are logging out trails and stop on steep sections with the motor off, the bike is in "neutral" and I have to lean it against a tree, and not the kickstand, so it doesn't fall over. I would only get a pro model or similar model with full manual control, best of both worlds.
  9. Washington

  10. Washington

    how did the smaller bikes do? any 250's show up to try?
  11. Washington

    You were stuck real good Joe, I see I went by at 2:33, don't feel alone, because I think the next lap there was someone else in that same mud hole.
  12. Washington

    got an email today.... The May 8th race has been CANCELLED!!! This will now be a practice day at MMP. Any questions call Pat or R.D. Practice day gates open at 10a.m. close at 5 p.m. $20.00 per rider as always. RD
  13. Washington

    It's a fun track, my 200 does fine out there.