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  1. Dear Mr. Sisneros, I have an '01 DRZ 400E, which sat for a little too long, and developed an idol issue (assuming it's gummed), pushed carb cleaner through the carb and out the drain and overflow, and is running and idoling, but the throttle surges when holding a steady throttle, as well as a rough idol. I would like to pull the carb, clean and rejet the bike. I'm not sure what's in it currently, or what should be in it. I have a stock airbox with a uni filter, a little black box and some tubing was removed ( I now have a k&n breather behind the headlight.) It came with a Yosh RS-3 pipe on it when I bought it. I ride at 500-1500ft. I typically run the bike with one of the two reducers in the pipe to keep DB down around the neighborhood (does that affect jetting?) I have some black buildup on the inside of the smallest reducer tip, which I'm assuming means it's running rich. Is there anything else you would recommend I do to the carb to get it cleaned out and running back to normal? Any Help would be greatly appreciated, otherwise, I will rip the carb out and just clean the hell out of it. Thanks, Steve