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  1. Fire362

    Tail rack for the L

    Will this fit on a XR400R? Where can I get the side rack? Thanks
  2. I know it sounds confusing. This bike I own now I bought and probably has some miles on it. Yes, it is plated, and before 04. The only reason I'm looking at this other bike is that it's in EXCELLENT condition with known very few miles on it. It is plated, but purchased after 04. A Honda dealer told me that if he hasn't received a letter yet that he's "probably" safe. I think that I will keep what I have and stay safe. Thanks guys for the advice. Ride safe out there.
  3. He said that it's Non-op right now for the past 7 months. Know the guy well, but I think I'll make a deal with him to go with to DMV and if everythings OK then I buy it. On a side note, I will be selling my PLATED 02 XR400 in good - excellent condition that is current. The one I'm looking at is in excellent condition and he's looking at $3300. I think I can get more for mine! What are they going for? Thanks for all the info.! Ken
  4. I am looking into buying a 02 XR400. He has a plate, but does not have turn signals, horn, mirrors, or high / low front light. He said he bought it in 05. I live in CA. Rumor is that if you bought it prior to 04 you are probably ok, but after that you can get that plate taken back from DMV. Local dealer told me if the guy hasn't received a letter from the DMV to turn in his plate by now he's "probably" ok. Want a duel purpose, but nervous that the dmv could take plate. Any ideas? Thx
  5. Ok guys, I live in this area, and this is a great group who we need to support, but here is something we can also do! Stay on the frickin trails, tread lightly, and enjoy. I also ride, but many of times I go up and do trail maintenance fixing the ruts caused ,not only by water, but by those who have to "power" through the corners or up hills. If you want to race, go to a track. If you want to continue to "cross country" and "power" through then don't complain about when we get our trails taken away. I work with the forest service and trust me when I say they use this as proof that we are destroying the land. It's your choice! Thanks Ken
  6. Fire362

    DR200 reliability?

    My wife and I are going back and forth regarding either picking a DR200 or the XT225. She weighs about 125 and is a new rider. She likes the "yellow" for the color. Me, I like the 225, but anyone else have opinoins? Thx
  7. Hi guys, I'm a Mt. biker and new to motorcyles. Love the fact that you can cover more ground and see more stuff, BUT here's what pisses me off. Not all are like this, but I see WAY to many motorcyclist that don't give a shit about the trails and cross country. I volunteered resently around Lake Isabella cutting brush along the trail while I rode. The trails were busy and I had TWO riders offer to help. Most went by cutting off the trail and cross country! IF you really want to keep riding trails open then you would STAY on the trail. Tread lightly? Ya right! I keep fixing the swithch backs and see guys throttle up and dig in deep. PLEASE tell everyone to enjoy, tread lightly, and if you must get on it hard, go to a track, because if you keep riding like that, that is what you are going to have ride on after the govt. takes our trails away. I know. Run on sentence. HELP! Thanks. Ken
  8. I'm a new rider and would NOT put my family is this area! I was the one who went down the mineshaft to get the boy out.
  9. Fire362

    Electric Start on XR400R?

    XR Ron, Like I said before, I am a NEW rider and trying to learn so could you help us all out and let us know in detail where and how to install this e-start? Thanks for the patience. Ken
  10. Fire362

    Electric Start on XR400R?

    I believe people want an electric start due to: If I lay the bike down it floods and takes more than a few kicks to start and if you're in a rut where you cannot kick or turn around to get a rolling start, you have problems. Is there such a thing of electric and kick?? I'm a new rider so don't laugh to hard if this is a stupid question. Thx
  11. Fire362

    $4200 for a Dual-Sport XR400R in CA

    Wow. I guess I got a keeper. I puchased a 02, plated Xr400R, about 4 months ago. I'm a new rider. I do alot of single track and some tech. stuff over rocks. I know part of the problem is my riding ability, but when I lay it over, it floods, and takes forever to start. I see my buddies push a button on it starts. My question is - Is there a way to get this a electric start and is there a way to still keep kick start IF there is such a thing? Thanks guys. Is it spring yet!? Ken