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  1. ZF709

    07 KTM's

    KTM = pwnage
  2. ZF709

    Cr250 vs. crf450

    It definently depends on the rider and in a drag race the 450 will not smoke the 250. If the riders have the same skill, the 450 should win by a little but won't smoke it.
  3. ZF709

    2 stroke

    I hope you're not refering to me when you say that cus if you were, check my post again. I think 2 strokes are the shizz.
  4. ZF709

    2 stroke

    Because they are gay. (the companies not the 2stroke.. just clearing that up)
  5. ZF709

    Head stud torque into cylinder?

    How do you tighten a head stud?
  6. ZF709

    new bike.. questions

    It's noticable when braking after getting on the throttle real hard. I didn't know that the turning the choke nob changes the jetting.. is it sort of like the air screw? I'm using Honda HP2 premix at 38:1 with 93 octane. The guy who had it before me used 107 octane airplane gas so does this mean I should rejet for the 93? I also took a look at the plug, it's black and dry and the insulator is like a greyish brown and dry but the threads have some oil residue. Thanks for any help
  7. ZF709

    new bike.. questions

    Hey, I just got a 2004 cr250 and think it might be surging. I rode it for the first time at my house and it sorta seems like it keeps going if I let off the gas. I tried a little jump and it like revved up in the air when I wasn't even on the gas. Maybe it's just the idle but does that sound like surging? It also has a lot more engine noise than my 125 but I've heard the newer cr250's do so I was wondering if that's normal? Anyway.. other than that it's a kickass bike.
  8. ZF709

    Bubba on the 125 vid

    This one's awsome http://www.transworldmotocross.com/mx/slideshow/videos/0,20829,_459502,00.html
  9. ZF709

    It's Alive!! (Moooohhhhaaaahhhhaaaa...)

    They changed the engine from a cylinder-reed induced engine to a case-reed. 125s are case-reed induced so the newer cr250s run like extremely fast 125s. Case-reed engines are known for having high peak hp but less torque so the 2001 and older cr250s have more low end power and a more usable powerband.
  10. ZF709

    It's Alive!! (Moooohhhhaaaahhhhaaaa...)

    Yeah it seems like everyone talks about how much better the 01 and previous engines are and obviously Honda knows this so it just doesn't make sense they wouldn't go back to the old style engines. The same goes for the cr125, they made that engine "worse" back in 98(I think that was the year) and they finally got it back up to speed with the rest of the competition.
  11. ZF709

    It's Alive!! (Moooohhhhaaaahhhhaaaa...)

    I got a question... Why doesn't Honda just put an 01 engine in their new 250s????? It so stupid they would make their engines worse than before
  12. ZF709

    CR250 Radiator Shrouds Conversion

    alright cool. what about the new airbox, number plates, rear fender bolting on to the 01 subframe because didn't they change the frame in 02?
  13. ZF709

    CR250 Radiator Shrouds Conversion

    Would this work with a 2001 cr125 too?
  14. I need to get a tool that fits the steering head nut (#5 on this diagram http://www.planethondaracing.com/cgi-bin/hondaparts/results_parts_details?mv_session_id=BkLhqHMX&mv_pc=190&se=pg_d_id%3d151%20and%20pg_my_id%3d94) for a 2001 cr125 and I have no idea where to get it. If anyone can help me out thanks.
  15. ZF709

    I think I've decided to keep my 02 250!

    Does a 250f have more bottom end than a 2stroke 250?