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  1. civitron69

    04 yz450 cuts out idling

    Alright I will look at it, thanks again.
  2. civitron69

    04 yz450 cuts out idling

    Hmm, is that big deal to change? Dont know much about carbs, do I need to order another pilot jet? Thanks for the help and quick responces.
  3. civitron69

    04 yz450 cuts out idling

    He said it had been sitting for a month or so. I dont think that is to long?
  4. I just bought a yz450 a couple days ago. I rode it around for about 3 minutes when I got it home. I brought it back to the garage and the engine cut off. I tried to start it but it wouldnt start. I waited 5 minutes and it started again. It ran for about 30 seconds before it died again. When it is running the throttle response is awesome, there is no bog at all. It seems like it isnt getting enough gas? It is coming out of the fuel tank fine into the carb. I sprayed some carb cleaner in it, it helped a little but still the same problem. Anyone else had this problem? I searched but I couldnt find this problem. Thanks.
  5. civitron69

    Shifter problem yz450f

    Ahh thanks you were right, got it working now.
  6. civitron69

    Shifter problem yz450f

    Forgot to mention when I pull in the clutch it does nothing. It acts like it is still in gear. It doesn't make sense, the bike was working perfectly. All that I did was take the crank case cover off, replace the water pump seals, put a new gasket on the crankcase, put it back together and then tried to replace the oil seal on the shifter. Has anyone ever heard of this problem?? I searched it but I found nothing. I hope I dont have to tear apart everything Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. civitron69

    Shifter problem yz450f

    I have a 2003 yz450f. I was trying to replace the shifter oil seal and when I tried to put the shifter back on the shaft went in and now it wont shift at all. I have tried to pry it out and it will not budge. Any suggestions?